Modern Warfare 2 Getting Yet Another Patch

For those of you with a PS3 the newest title update for Modern Warfare 2 is already live, but those of us with an Xbox 360 will have to wait for Microsoft to put the patch through their testing (ugh). Robert Bowling aka FourZeroTwo updated his Twitter account the other day to let everyone know a little about what’s going into this latest patch.

  • Re-balancing of the 1887 Akimbo Shotguns
  • Fix for Prestige Hack
  • Fix for Private Match Glitch

For those of you that aren’t familiar with what these things mean I’ll give you a quick rundown. The 1887 Shotguns seem to have a ridiculous range and are quite powerful, especially when using them Akimbo (1 in each hand). So thankfully it looks like Infinity Ward will be re-balancing this gun so that it can’t shoot halfway across the map and maybe won’t be as powerful. I obviously don’t know exactly what they re-balanced, but anything is better than nothing I guess.

The prestige hack was a hack that allowed you to download a file off the internet and put it on a memory card (or the hard drive) and use that to somehow get your character to 10th prestige level almost instantly. It really doesn’t change the game at all other than give you some different call signs/titles and an extra class spot, but it was a problem anyways so they fixed it.

And finally the private game glitch where you could basically glitch into a private game with a bunch of other people and gain all sorts of experience points in ridiculous games (like Ground War on Rust). It was kinda fun to play one game the first time it happened to me, but like the javelin glitch it just became extremely annoying after it happened more than once.

So there you have it, hopefully MS will get it together and push this fix through the certification process so we can all go back to enjoying the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed (even though these things really don’t bother me too much, shotgun thing is a little annoying).

Update 12/22: Robert Bowling tweeted out that the patch should start going live to Xbox 360 users starting around 2 AM on 12/23.