Modern Warfare 2 Expansion Pack aka DLC aka Map Pack Rumors

There’s no doubt that Modern Warfare 2 will be coming out with some sort of Downloadable Content in the future, but what exactly are we going to get. The obvious thing would be more multiplayer maps. In the past, for the Call of Duty games, we have gotten map packs containing 3-4 new maps to play, at a price of around $10. Some information leaked almost as soon as the game did, that MONSTER Energy Drink was sponsoring a promotion to win a new map pack in the spring of 2010 which lead to a rumored release date for said DLC. Since then Microsoft has had a few keynote presentations and has been doing away with the DLC, or Downloadable Content, word and has been touting it as an ‘expansion’. Now take that as you may, it could just be Microsoft trying to get away from the term DLC for some reason or it could mean that it’s going to have a little more than we’re used to in just a map pack, and there are actually rumors to support this… kind of.

Since the game was released people have been digging through hidden files and text files that are stored on the games disc and have found some pretty interesting things, someone even managed to rewrite a file and was able to play a possible new game mode called “Global Thermalnuclear War”. You can actually play the game mode right now if you’re lucky enough to have a friend that’s reworked whatever file you need to in order to make it active and of course it can only be played in a private match. Personally I have no clue how to even go about unlocking this mode or gaining access to it so if you know how please post a link in the comments. Anyways, there are tons of videos on YouTube with people playing this mode so you can check it out if you want. The way it’s played is kind of like Headquarters, but with a nuke. The nuke is in a crate in the middle of the map and each team must stand next to it for about 1 and a half minutes before the nuke activates and destroys everything. It sounds like a cool game mode and I’m not sure if it will be part of the spring DLC or if maybe Infinity Ward can just activate it via a playlist update which requires nothing at all on the users end. I only say that because it seems like all of the files, voices, etc are already on the game disc itself, so it’s just a matter of allowing us to play it, but we’ll see.

Similar to the above, someone also found some audio files with other game modes mentioned like Defcon, Die Hard, Arms Race, Team Deathmatch Pro, Free For All Pro, Search and Destroy Pro, and Sabotage Pro as well as Team Tactical (not 3rd person). Those seem like they could be easily implemented via a playlist update rather than any sort of DLC, but again this was all just rumors and actually Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward commented on the files and did say that they were just leftover stuff that was scraped from the game before launch. So while he could be lying and these could be introduced later, I’m going to go ahead and say that we will not be seeing all this stuff made playable in Modern Warfare 2.

Along with the different game modes there were also some weapons found hidden away in folders; G3, G36, R700, M40, M240, SA80, AW50, a power drill, Mp5, MP9 and the MP44. So take this with a grain of salt, it could just be stuff they left in the game folders when testing out which guns worked the best for balance etc, but who knows.

Now let’s talk about what everyone, including myself, are more interested in… maps. Again, from digging through files that shipped with the game, some people were able to find some map names that are currently not playable in the game. Now whether this means they will be available for DLC or they are just unfinished or unused maps that were scraped is anyone’s guess at this point. A couple of them are actually maps from the original Modern Warfare which would be really cool. As much as I don’t really care for the Wasteland map, I do like it cause it’s a clone of a map from Call of Duty 2. So to see some of our old favorites from Modern Warfare pop up in MW2 would be pretty cool. But for those interested in the map names here you go:

mp_dcwh (D.C. White House?)
mp_shipment (Shipment from MW)
mp_crash (Crash from MW)

So that’s what I’ve got in terms of rumors for DLC although I really don’t believe we’re going to see any of this as part of an ‘expansion pack’, as Microsoft dubs it, but instead we’ll get stuff that isn’t hidden on the disc. I really believe that all of this stuff is just left over stuff from testing, but who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Is there anything else that’s leaked in regards to new modes, guns, maps, etc? These are just the main ones I was able to find, but there’s gotta be more info out there that I missed…

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