Modern Warfare 2 Dumping Me Into Private Games

I ran into a problem the other day and I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this. I was in a party with a buddy of mine and we were playing Ground War. We had just finished a match and were waiting in the lobby for the next game to start when all of a sudden the screen flashed as if we had joined another game and sure enough it now said we were in a “Private Match”. The room was full of people so obviously we didn’t accidentally hit some buttons and start a private match, but that’s not all. The lobby said it was a “Private Match” and the gametype said Free-For-All, yet the map was Rust and the lobby broke us into two teams before the game even started. If you’ve ever played Rust then you know why this is so strange. The map is extremely small and to play Team Deathmatch on it would be crazy, but we weren’t just in a Team Deathmatch game we were in a Ground War game, so there were almost double the amount of people and since the gametype said “Free-For-All”, despite being broken up on teams, everyone was able to kill everyone else whether you were on their “team” or not. It was pretty bizarre.

I didn’t mind playing it cause it was a fun mess and it was a really fast way to level up some guns to unlock attachments, but it was still weird, especially when it came to spawning. Rust is only usually used for small Free-For-All games so there aren’t a large variety of spawn points so when you have 18 people all trying to spawn at the same few points it makes things interesting. As soon as you died and spawned if you immediately shot your gun you would get at least 1 kill of a dude that was also respawning on top of you. And in addition to that there were just people that would camp those spawn points and rack up huge numbers of kills. But like I said, it was fun and it hasn’t happened to me since so it doesn’t seem to be an on going issue although I hope Infinity Ward patches the issue in the next release, but we’ll see.

So has anyone else had this happen to them? Is there a way to reproduce these results?