Modern Warfare 2 Care Package “Glitch”

I see a lot of people ending up at other articles on this site from searches for the care package glitch and the post they are ending up at claims that the care package glitch was fixed in the last update, which it was. The care package GLITCH that was referred to in the last update was the glitch where people could get unlimited care packages. I don’t believe there is any other care package glitch, but apparently a lot of people feel that the fact that you run a little faster while hold a care package smoke canister is a glitch. Personally I don’t think it’s a glitch in the same way that the javelin glitch was a glitch or the unlimited care package glitch was a glitch. I don’t really see anything that would indicate that this was a “glitch”.

If anything this care package “glitch” is more comparable to the Akimbo Model 1887’s being able to shoot and be much more deadly than they should be at such a long range, so more of a balance issue. Despite what you think, the people running around with the care package smoke grenade in hand can’t knife you from any further than a normal person running around can, it only seems that way because they are running faster than most people. So combine that with the commando perk and you have what appears to be someone knifing you from much further than they should be able to.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t think this should be rebalanced, because I do, but it’s not a glitch! If there is any glitch at all it’s only in the way the person running, with said canister, appears. He’s all hunched over like he’s trying to speed walk and take a shit at the same time, which makes it a little more difficult to shoot at them. So I don’t mind that they run a little faster (although it should be pretty comparable to holding a pistol and running), but the way they run is a little annoying and may need to be rethought.

What do you guys think? A lot of you have ended up here searching for answers to this one. Do you really think it’s a glitch and needs to be patched?

Update 2/2/10: So it appears that this latest patch was supposed to fix the unlimited care package glitch, and while it did fix 1 way of doing it, there is still another method for getting unlimited care packages. Infinity Ward is aware of the issue as noted in a Twitter post by Robert Bowling, but my question is why can’t they eliminate this thing once and for all? Why is it so hard to patch this… I was getting extremely annoyed with people doing this in a game I was in over the weekend that I eventually just started knifing the people on my own team that were doing it (Hardcore TDM). It’s ruining the game and IW needs to squash it once and for all… it’s almost as bad as the javelin glitch.

Update 2/4/10: I’m not sure if this is correct, but from what I’ve gathered after reading some sites and Tweets, Infinity Ward pulled the Xbox 360 patch back (the one that was already in place on PC and PS3) in order to fix the other care package glitches that still plague the system. So hopefully when it finally does roll out it will fix everything once and for all because it is getting quite annoying now. And I will continue to file complaints about every single person that I see doing it, even if they only do it once.

Update 2/12/10: Looks like the latest update has been approved by MS and is being rolled out to Xbox 360’s and hopefully will rid the world of the care package glitch once and for all. Find out everything the recent patch fixed here.