Modern Warefare 2 Available Now

Today is the day folks, Modern Warfare 2 has finally hit the shelves and is set to break all sorts of records based on early numbers. GTA IV previously held the record for the most pre-orders on but as of yesterday Modern Warfare 2 had 50% more pre-orders than Grand Theft Auto IV did, so if the numbers continue in that direction this could be a record breaking title for the guys at Infinity Ward.

Let us know if you got your copy already, did you wait in line at midnight? If you did and you took pictures of the midnight launch event you were at, post up the pictures we’d love to see em.

Those of you that have gotten the game already, does it live up to the hype? Is Xbox Live already littered with 12 year olds calling everyone “fags” and “n—-rs”? Let us know what you think, I’ll be posting a full review after I get through the single player campaign, which may or may not take a while depending on how obsessed I become with the multiplayer.

Update 11/12/09: The initial numbers are in and it looks like Modern Warfare 2 took in about $310 million in it’s first 24 hours, in only North America and the United Kingdom, making it the biggest selling launch in entertainment history. Grand Theft Auto 4 previously held the record with a similar $310 million sold in 24 hours, but those were worldwide figures where as Modern Warfare is only 2 countries. I will update this post again with final numbers when they are released. [source: huffington post]

Update 11/18/09: Activision has announced that Modern Warfare 2 has taken in $550 million in it’s first 5 days making it the biggest entertainment launch in history. It beat out GTA IV’s 5 day sales of $500 million and some Harry Potter movie’s $394 million 5 day launch.  So if you’re going by overall sales totals yeah Modern Warfare 2 trumps Harry Potter, but if you base it on the number of people that bought a copy of the game vs. a ticket to Harry Potter, I’m pretty sure more people saw Harry Potter considering a movie is ~$10 where as a video game is $60. [source: Yahoo]