“Infected” Added to Community Playlists in Modern Warfare 3

modern warfare 3 infected mw3

For those of you that wanted to try out the “Infected” playlist in Modern Warfare 3, but could never get enough friends to join you in a private match, you can rest easy. As of February 5th, “Infected” has been added to the Community Playlists section for play online with random strangers. It’s basically a zombie- type game where once you’re killed you become the infected and have to kill the remaining survivors. If you’re familiar with Halo, then you’ve probably played this game mode before.

This new mode is available to ALL players.

When you join a game of INFECTED, 10 seconds after the match begins you will either be chosen as the Infected or placed on the side of the surivors. Each side will be restricted to a specific selection of weapons.

Each time you play INFECTED the selection of weapons available will be different, rotating through multiple loadout options determined by the community suggestions and feedback from Twitter responses to @fourzerotwo. The alternating loadout options you’ll encounter are listed below in the order of how often they will appear.

source: Callofduty.com