inFAMOUS Impressions

When it comes to video game consoles the Xbox 360 has always been my first choice. If a game comes out for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 I’ll immediately pick up the 360 version without thinking twice. My main reasoning for this is the controller, I can’t stand the PS3 controller. The analog sticks are way too loose and almost too sensitive, the trigger buttons are a little awkward to me, and the feel of the controller itself in my hand just feels off compared to the 360 controller. So based on that, I haven’t really purchased any games for the PS3, I use it mainly for a Blu-Ray player and a way for me to stream media from my computer to my TV. Prior to inFAMOUS, the only game I have for the PS3 is Little Big Planet, and that one hasn’t even been opened yet. So when I heard that there was this really cool game coming out and it was exclusive to PS3 I kind of had my reservations, but after a month or so in the stores I decided I could throw down the $40 to pick up a used copy on eBay.

I can’t remember character names or anything like that, but the main premise behind inFAMOUS is that you’re this dude that has survived a massive “terrorist” attack of some sort that has leveled the city you live in and turned you into a walking lightning bolt. What that means is you can harness electricity and use it to your advantage whether it’s as a weapon or just sliding along power lines. You are now trying to find the people responsible for turning the city into ruins. The town is overrun with goons in hoodies, some of which have some electrical powers as well, but mostly just guns.

To start off the game reminds me a lot of Crackdown, which I’m a huge fan of. You can climb pretty much anything in the city, you can jump off the buildings, slide along power lines with your electrical powers, and do all sorts of crazy stuff. I found myself perfectly happy just running around the tops of buildings collecting “shards” which help power you up, rather than completing the actual story of the game. I did the same thing in Crackdown collecting orbs. There’s just something about an open world environment where you can climb on everything that makes a game that much more fun. So I spent a good deal of time just jumping around from building to building, but that’s not all there is to do.

There is a main story line that gets you closer and closer to finding out who’s responsible for the destruction of the city, but there are also side story lines that help clean up the city, section by section. Some of these story lines even give you the option of being good or evil. I personally chose the good side so I’m not sure if the game itself is that much different if you choose evil, but from what I understand people in the city will treat you differently if you turn to the dark side. Personally I didn’t want a bunch of pissed off city folk throwing shit at me while the reapers are also trying to shoot me so I chose the good side. Some of the side stories start to become a little repetitive and there were a few times where I thought I played the same thing twice, but it turns out it was just a different part of town.

The main story line is cool, you’re basically just running around town trying to piece together this mystery of who blew up the city and why. Your powers increase along the way as well as developing new powers to help you move around faster and kill enemies more efficiently. I don’t find that these missions are repetitive in the way that Grand Theft Auto’s missions were. I still find myself wanting to figure out the next piece of the puzzle and I still enjoy zapping the hell out of those damn reapers.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchase of inFAMOUS and it definitely did not stay in the packaging like Little Big Planet did (yeah yeah I bought it used, there was no packaging). I highly recommend this game for the PS3 if you’re looking for something new to play. I needed something to hold myself over with until Modern Warfare 2 and Crackdown 2 come out this fall and this was a perfect fit. This may be the first game that I play through to 100%, it’s that much fun. My only complaint is that I wish it had some sort of multiplayer aspect to it, at least a co-op mode so that me and a friend could blow shit up together, but it’s a small complaint since it’s an amazing single player game.