How To Level Up Faster in Modern Warfare 3 Without Boosting

level up quickly modern warfare 3 no boosting

Not everyone has 8+ hours a day to spend playing video games, and even with only a couple hours a day to sit down and play, sometimes you just don’t want to. This can lead to frustration if you’re just trying to get to a certain level in Modern Warfare 3 to unlock a certain gun. The act of prestiging in the game does absolutely nothing for you except unlock another class (if that’s what you choose) and give you a new emblem, so I’m kind of gearing this towards those that want to level up to get some of the later guns. I have a personal goal to hit the prestige cap before the next game in the series comes out (Black Ops 2), but that’s just me. So these are the ways that I’ve found help me level up a little bit quicker than normal. These may not work for everyone, but that’s why I wanted to post this, so we could share ideas on how to level up faster.

None of this involves boosting. I hate boosters, I report every single one of you to both Infinity Ward and Microsoft and I’ll go out of my way to find and kill you in the game, then I’ll follow you around even if I keep dying. I’d rather troll a booster until he leaves the lobby than get a bunch of kills. So anyways, let’s discuss.

I have 2 favorite leveling classes, they are essentially the same except for the killstreaks. For my primary weapon I use the UMP45 w/ kick and a red dot, secondary weapon usually the FMG9 (not akimbo). Lethal grenade is always semtex and tactical is always flash. For the perks I use slight of hand pro, hardline pro and Stalker Pro. Sometimes I’ll use Quickdraw Pro, but the key to getting a lot of points in a round is killstreaks. Now for the important part. The gun can really be swapped out for whatever gets you the most kills, sometimes I’ll use a sniper, it just depends on what you’re most comfortable with. For the killstreaks I use Support and do UAV, Ballistic Vests and Sam Turret. There are a couple reasons why I chose these. First of all UAV takes 3 kills w/ hardline, so it’s easy and fast to get, plus it helps you out by showing you the enemies. Ballistic Vests give you points for throwing them out and then more points every time your teammates pick one up, plus it’s only 1 more kill after the UAV. And lastly the SAM Turret. Again, it’s like the vests where you get points for planting it and more points every time it shoots something down. The key is to maximize your points. You can get the same effect using assault if you’re good and chaining together a bunch of kills, but not everyone is.

The other way I’ve gotten a lot of points is by using only a UAV and Ballistic Vests. This allows you to cycle through each of them a little quicker and put down more vests for people to pick up. I just like throwing the SAM Turret in there because it’s 3 kills to get the UAV, then 1 more kill to get the vests, then 3 more kills to get the SAM Turret, so if you eliminate the SAM Turret from that equation it’s still 3 kills to get back to your UAV, so you might as well use the turret. The only downside to this is, there isn’t always something for the turret to shoot down, thus resulting in lost points you could have gotten by getting more vests. So it’s up to you, but that’s what I’ve found works the best.

In terms of which game mode to play, I opt for domination when I’m trying to get points. I know that games like Search & Destroy and Headquarters give you more points for kills/capturing a point, etc, but you don’t respawn in S&D and there are times where you don’t respawn in Headquarters either… all of which is time you could have spent raking up points. Make sure to capture points as well, don’t just try to get kills. Since capping points gets you a notch on your killstreak reward there’s no reason not to.

These techniques usually net me 15,000-20,000 points a round and with double XP this weekend I was getting between 30,000 and 40,000 a round. It will obviously vary for everyone depending on how many kills you get, how many people grab your vests, how many points you capture, etc., but it should average you more points than before.

The other thing you can do is switch up guns frequently. If you’ve never used a certain gun and you start killing people with it, you’ll get all those easy to earn challenges like 15 kills, etc., those points can add up. So pick up random guns often throughout the game and use those to your advantage if you’re not comfortable creating a load out with a new gun.

Let us know your tips for leveling up faster in Modern Warfare 3 without boosting.