How I Got My First Nuke in Modern Warfare 2

The holy grail of killstreak rewards in Modern Warfare 2 is the Tactical Nuke. Coming after a 25 killstreak, you are rewarded with the satisfaction of wiping out every person on both teams and winning the match for your team whether you’re winning or losing. But a weapon that powerful is not easy to obtain without boosting or camping.

Normally when I play I have my killstreaks setup as Predator Missile, Harrier and Chopper Gunner. I had found that this combination made it pretty easy to get quite a few kills if you managed to get to the Predator Missile reward. Once you get the missile you can hopefully kill 1 guy and that leaves only 1 more kill before you get the harrier. Now, if you luck out and get 2 kills with the Predator Missile, good for you, now launch your harrier and hope it can get at least 4 kills which will get you the chopper gunner which you can then use to mow down everyone. Chopper Gunner is much more effective than the AC-130 in my opinion as it flies around the map faster and the gun can be constantly firing. So that was my original setup until I completed all the challenges for all of those killstreaks, now it was time for the nuke.

I had never even bothered to assign the nuke to a killstreak because I thought it was unattainable and therefore a waste of a reward, but with challenges to complete I went ahead and assigned it. The full breakdown of my killstreak rewards are now Harrier, Chopper Gunner and Nuke and it follows the same principle as above, but you need to get a lot more kills with the Chopper Gunner (14), so be on your game. Even with this killstreak setup it’s not an easy feat to accomplish and will still take true skill.

My loadout for this was the SCAR w/ Extended Magazines, any automatic pistol, semtax grenades, flash grenades, Scavenger Pro Perk, Hardline Pro Perk, Ninja Pro Perk and (not that it mattered) the Pain Pill death perk. I’ve found that my biggest hurdle in getting huge killstreaks wasn’t that I was getting killed or that the competition was that much better than me, but the fact that I kept running out of ammo and had to reload often and eventually resort to the pistol, which would then run out of ammo. This is what lead me to think that the extended magazines and scavenger pro may come in handy and I don’t think I could have done it without them.

Hardline Pro could probably be swapped out for Stopping Power if you need that extra umph on your bullets, but I much prefer that the harrier only takes 6 kills in a row instead of 7 to obtain. Once you reach the harrier it’s the same amount of kills between rewards as it would be anyways so that’s not a big deal. So if you think you’d have a better shot at a 7 killstreak using stopping power, go for it. And the only reason I use Ninja Pro as my 3rd perk is because the other ones in the 3rd group don’t really seem like they would help.

Now let’s get to the game. I’ve found that the smaller maps are easier to get lots of kills on, maps like Wasteland are not ideal unless you have a heavily trafficed area that you’re camping, but the large maps just leave you too open to be killed. I got my first nuke on Estate, which isn’t the most ideal map either. Actually if we’re talking about my very first nuke it was on Scrapyard, but I never got to use it because as soon as I got it someone got the last kill, so it doesn’t count. But ideally maps like Scrapyard, Terminal even Favela are better for getting a lot of kills because they are smaller and you don’t leave yourself as vulnerable as the larger maps. The other thing I found is that if you can get into a game with people of a lower rank it usually helps since they are probably less experienced. I found the best way to get into those games is either have a friend that’s a lower rank than you start a party and have then search for games, or join the session of a lower ranked friend while they are playing.

Once you’ve found a suitable game, I would suggest Mercenary Team Deathmatch so you don’t get thrown into games with clan parties, don’t stay in one place. Camping may work for some people, but with the loadout I use there’s no point in camping and I’m no good at it, I always have someone come up behind me and teabag me before they knife me in the back. Just be aware of your surroundings, camp for a second or two if you need to, be aggressive and once you hit that harrier reward go hide somewhere before you use it. Make sure you’re well hidden, you don’t want to die while your harrier or chopper gunner is raping people from above. Also, speaking of the Harrier and Chopper Gunner, wait until your harrier has finished it’s run, whether it flies off or gets shot down, before you call in your chopper gunner. You need as many kills as you can get so if your harrier is up there killing people you’re just going to have that many fewer people running around the map to kill with your Chopper Gunner.

Hopefully you can get yourself enough kills with the Chopper Gunner to get the nuke, but if not you’re going to have to run around and get a few more the normal way, but I would now be a little more cautious. Also don’t forget to keep track of the score and the time, I got screwed with my first nuke because just as I killed my 24th guy in a row and the screen showed that I had the nuke, someone else on my team made the last kill before I could hit the button to use it and I didn’t get credit for it.

So what was your loadout for getting a nuke? Any other tips or tricks, without cheating or boosting?