Gears of War 4 Confirmed

Well its about that time again for one of the most exciting conventions, besides comicon, to blow our minds. That’s right the E3 gaming convention! One thing that caught my eye when I was scrolling through twitter was an image from GameInformer showing a leak of the new Gears of War game coming up! That’s right GOW4 has been confirmed, and if you’re like me, which I hope a lot of you are not in a few ways, you are extremely stoked about this announcement. I played the previous three and loved them all. I can’t comment on how much AC loved them, but i am sure he will throw in his two cents (about all he has left after the honeymoon) on some E3 love, and his love/hate for the GOW announcement. I just thought I would throw this picture up here in case you have not seen it. If you want to try out new games, visit pshav and check the many online options there.

Kind of throws out some questions like; who is cuffed, and where are they, all questions that i’m sure you were thinking about as you viewed it. Well that is all I wanted to really show people. I am sure most have seen it if you follow @majornelson on twitter, but in case you don’t here ya go! You are more than welcome to comment on the photo or give your predictions/ideas of what you think is going on. Like I said E3 will get talked about more on here as it progresses June 5-7. So we will hopefully have more information then!