Full Video: Gamescom CoD Casting Stream of Black Ops 2 Multiplayer


[youtube id=”2Mceqc-oSCI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Treyarch and Microsoft are on hand at the Gamescom convention in Germany this week and yesterday they brought us our first glimpse of the “CoD Casting” utilities within Black Ops 2. CoD Casting allows users to stream live games to the internet and create an experience that the viewer at home can enjoy. Think of it as a broadcast sporting event in that there are 2 commentators feeding you information based on what’s happening on the screen. The commentators also act as producers who have control over what you’re seeing on the screen at any given moment. They can switch which player they are following, show what sort of killstreak someone’s on, view the overhead map to see where the action is, and much, much more. If there was ever a tool to help bring Call of Duty and eSports into the mainstream, this is it.

The guys here at the site and I really see the potential in this and will be CoD Casting right out of the gate. We’ve even thrown a temporary site together over at codcasting.com where we hope to build a little community around CoD Casting. The layout may look familiar 😛 Hopefully it’s temporary, but we’ll see how well it does.

So can you guys see yourself using this new feature? I never really used the Theater Mode in Black Ops, but this live streaming and commentating stuff really interests me.