I thought Playstation Move was going to be terrible for FPS games, but I guess I never thought Microsoft would even attempt a first person shooter on the Kinect. This video just proves that FPS games are not what the Kinect is going after. Based on what I’ve seen so far I think this thing is going to fail hardcore. I mean, how many people still play their Wii? I don’t (and not just because it’s broken and in the closet). It only used to make an appearance if people came over and wanted to play otherwise it just collected dust…

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  • After watching this, reminds me of the first generation FPS. Ah……Duck Hunt.

    What was it the guy said? Sounded like “This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever tried.”

    Stick with keeping controllers, get outside and get exercise. Cripes man!

    I think if I had to play this as a regular way of game play, I would launch my 360 down the street.