eSports to Enter the TV Mainstream

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Whether you’re a big-time gamer or have never picked up a controller in your life, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of ‘eSports’. An industry touted to be worth $1.5 billion by 2020, its popularity is growing apace, so it’s unsurprising that it’s soon to hit the TV mainstream.

With the Super Smash Bros Ultimate esports tournament all set to air on TBS in December, we thought it was high time we took a look at the latest phenomenon taking the entertainment sector by storm…

What are eSports?

Having heard of something and actually understanding what it is are two rather different things, so the best way to start is probably with an explanation of what eSports are. It’s really very simple. eSports are a form of competition which utilities multiplayer video games and professional gamers. Arraying a selection of the latter against each other, they’re watched by millions of people around the world, with prizes of up to $24 million on the table.

Although they’ll soon be available to view on our TV screens, right now, esports are primarily watched online. So extensive is their following that online casinos have gotten in on the act too, with real money betting available on This gives those watching from home a chance to get in on the action, and potentially even win prizes of their own. You can find more details on this here.

eSports and television broadcasting 

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The eSports industry has experienced an explosive growth in the last few years. Although it may have begun as a geeky basement hobby with minimal prize money and only a handful of competitors, it now offers record-breaking prizes, has a worldwide following, and attracts millions to its tournaments, so if you’re also into esports, esportlandet is a swedish esport news website where you can find all the relevant news to this sports now a days.

Unsurprising, then, that television networks have started to seize upon its popularity, by buying the rights to some of the largest tournaments from across the globe. The latest to get in on the act is TBS, which recently announced that it will be airing the Super Smash Bros Ultimate come December.

The reason this is such a big deal is that the tournament, hosted in June, brought together some of the biggest players on the scene – essentially, the heavyweights of the eSports world. Not only this, but its televising marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between TBS, ELEAGUE, and Nintendo, meaning the Super Smash Bros Ultimate is unlikely to be the only eSports events we’ll see on our screens in the coming months.

For fans of the genre, this is hugely exciting. Even for those who’ve never before watched a tournament, it could open up a whole world of opportunities to involve yourself in one of the newest and freshest sports around – one that suits our 21stcentury world unlike any other.

Unique, innovative, and accessible, eSports really is about to hit the big time, and we’re so here for it! Come December, we’ll be stocking up on junk food, cosying up on the sofa, and settling down for one of the most gripping sporting events around. Won’t you join us?

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