EA Trying to Curb Used Game Sales

It appears as though EA doesn’t like people selling their old games after they are done with them, thus allowing other people to pick up said game for a little cheaper. Or in other words, the used video game market. EA is going is going to start putting single use codes inside the packaging of all their games that would unlock the multiplayer modes of that game. So what this means is that if you buy a game new and want to play online you will need to enter this code in order to unlock that feature on the disc. In turn, if you then sold that game to a store like Gamestop or on eBay or wherever, that code would no longer be valid and the person that buys the game second-hand will be shit out of luck if they want to play online…. kind of.

If you buy the game used you will get a 7 day trial to try the game out online before the features will be locked out unless you pay $10 for an additional Online Pass. The first game that will have this feature weighing it down will be Tiger Woods ’11. And the online features that could be locked out are everything from multiplayer gaming to simple roster updates and leagues (in sports games). Ugh, either way this sounds absolutely terrible and, not that I bought a lot in the past but, I probably won’t be giving my money to EA anytime soon.

Personally I think this is a terrible idea and I wish Gamestop and some of the other used games stores would say something. It’s not like Gamestop is just selling games as “used” as soon as the game comes out. Someone still needs to purchase that game new and then sell it back, so EA is still getting the initial money for the game. I understand that once a game has been out for a few weeks it’s likely that the used market picks up a bit as more copies flood the market, but come on… I don’t know, I just think this is kind of ridiculous. I’ve recently been buying more used games to play co-op with a buddy, mostly older games, so if this starts happening for all games it’s just going to stop me from buying used games, therefore not putting this extra $10 into EA’s pockets anyways. Hell, I don’t even put the money into Gamestop’s pockets since we’ve been taking advantage of the 7 day return policy on used games. We buy a game, beat it in a week and return it for a full refund. The latest game we played was Army of Two, which actually is an EA game, but if you would have told me that I would have had to pay an extra $10 (that I couldn’t get a refund for) to play the co-op game with a friend, I would have told you to shove the game up your ass…. I would have been pissed since the game is not very good, it’s like a poor man’s Gears of War.

So I don’t know, I think this is a little ridiculous and I hope it doesn’t catch on with other studios, but I guess we’ll just have to see…. What do you guys think of this whole deal? Would you pay $10 extra on a used game in order to play the multiplayer modes that come with the game new? What if the used game cost you like $55 (like most newer used games at Gamestop) and you had to pay $10 to play multiplayer? First of all that would be dumb because it would cost you more to buy the game used with all the features than it would be to buy new, but that’s the thing, do you really think that everyone is going to be aware of this extra fee? What about the parents that go in and buy their kids a used game here and there to be nice, they aren’t going to have any clue that there are extra charges to unlock the full game… blaaaaah I’m gonna stop now.