Did Activision Purchase BlackOps2.com?

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Looks like we may know what is in store for us in the fall when the next Call of Duty game comes out… Black Ops 2! It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise after the success that Treyarch and Activision had with Black Ops in 2010-11, but were you expecting something different? Personally I really don’t care what the game is called as long as it plays like Black Ops as opposed to Modern Warfare 3. I think Treyarch hit a homerun with Black Ops and with a few minor tweaks that were included in MW3, I think they could have the first “perfect” Call of Duty multiplayer experience. We won’t truly know until we get more information, maybe at E3, but until then we can always make predictions.

I would take this with a slight grain of salt though. It appears as though this conclusion was based upon the fact that the privacy settings on the domain whois information lapsed from GoDaddy and was moved over to Mark Monitor which is a domain privacy company used by many fortune 500 companies, including Activision. So take what you will out of this, but it definitely doesn’t seem too far fetched.

What do you want to see in the next Call of Duty game?

source: fusible.com