Even though I only know a few celebrities actual xbox live gamertags, I decided to make a post dedicated to them. This will be a running list, so if anyone knows any other celebs or famous people’s gamertags, post them in the comments. Out of the whole list I’ve only played Modern Warfare 2 with Robert Kelly and he seems like a good dude. He actually invites me to his XBL parties all the time whenever he sees me playing MW2 and he uses his headset to chat it up. So while he may not be as popular as some other comedians/stars it’s nice that he actually participates in the games.

Gamertags posted in the comments are most likely FAKE. The only ones that I know for sure are the ones listed in this post under the “Confirmed” heading. They have been confirmed by the celebrities themselves via Twitter or their websites (or other official means). So don’t bother adding any gamertag from the comments because you’ll most likely just end up playing with some kid who thinks it’s cool to post his gamertag here.


Lord 187x – Ice-T (Rapper/Actor)
SouljaBoyTellEm – Soulja Boy Tell Em (Rapper)
MRxzibit38 – Xzibit (Rapper/Actor)
YouStink2 – Robert Kelly (Comedian)
Freddee D LBGC – Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit Singer)
Estaban85 – Chad Ochocinco (Football Player)
tonyinegypt – Tony Hawk (Skateboarder) – May or may not be temporary (based on the “in egypt” part), but he posted it on Twitter

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Those few above are confirmed via videos, twitter, etc. The list below are UNCONFIRMED, found on random forums and other sites. The ones that end in GWF are “Game With Fame” Gamertags and probably no longer work.


50 Cent – Kid4Life
Bill Gates- MSgates123
Colt Cannon (famous skateboarder)- Coltron3030
Adrian Peterson- SoonerPride28
Matt Leinart- KingofTroy11
Jenny McCarthy – JennyGWF
Dave Navarro & his band- PanicChannel
Method Man – MethodManGWF
Members of the band O.A.R. – OARMarc, OARBenj,OARJerry, OARChris, and RichOARd
Ryan Pratt (from ListAfterList) – EarsP
Michelle Rodriguez- MRodriguez
Willis McGahee – WMcGahee21
Dan Cody- OKDanCody80
Grant, the bassist from underoath: youmissedme
J Allard (Xbox team) – HiroProtagonist
Mei Mei Bong (xbox team) – DragonLady
Dane Cook – DaneCook
Senior Editor of the popular gaming review and info site, GameSpot – GameSpotting
Gilbert Arenas – AgentArenas
Andy Roddick – AndyGWF
Jim Carrey – Jim_Carrey
Mr. T – T100
Chingy – ChingyGWF
Michael Halford – Coola
Bill Gates – MicroBoy
Ludacris – xrider
Bam Margera – Gumball 3000
Brady Quinn – BQuinnGWF
Paul Wall, the rapper – T Paul Wall
Shia LaBeouf – ShiaGWF
Eminem – your_an_idiot2414
Dave Mustaine from Megadeth – DMustaine
Jason Giambi -giambiGWF
Charlie Frye (QB of Cleveland Browns) – BT67


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  • Erick Olvera

    Selena Gomez from Disney Channel Wizards of waverly place
    Xx PinkSpaDe xX

    • Taynay11

      thts not selena gomez’s i checked it said doesnt exist

      • Connorluehrs

        Use spaces between the x, Xx(space) pinkspade (space) xX

    • jake

      big blacks gt is si6th hit man rob dyrdeks gt is e11th hit man

  • Dan

    That is not Dane Cook’s gamertag. That isn’t 50 cent’s either

    • My_little_sunfire

      that is Dane Cook’s he recently tweeted about it

      • Diluted_maggot8305

        that can’t be bc you can’t have underscores in gamertags.

        • Obviously2Right

           Yes you can actually

      • SouljaDre3

        thats for ps3 u dumbass. you cant have underscores in xbox

  • dazaroon
  • Me

    Actually MRxzibit38 is Xzibit’s gamertag, and Lord 187x is Ice T’s as I have listed above… He verified that in a video.

  • STEE


    • Ogdog

      no it is not u ass its THE GAME it was on the xbox360 dash

  • kevin federline is kmarcoo3

  • clinton

    yea eminems is fake cant have underscores its more than 15 spaces

    • Lukel2k10

      ye but just put spaces in sted and at the end put 14 insted and itworks

      • Xbox 360 King

        still too many letters

  • Dylen Sprouse cougar8020

  • eminems real gamertag mockingbird80

    • Xbox 360 King

      “the gamertag you entered does not exist on xbox LIVE.”

  • gucci manes tag is sirgucci 0gucci

  • dave

    J3udweiser gamertag is brad pitt

  • Cory

    l3udMan is George Clooney

  • amy smart

    im his ex-girlfriend and he really pissed me off so im putting his xbox game name out there for you to bother him


    • Elias leger

      No way was is friends full?

  • amy smart

    im his ex-girlfriend and he really pissed me off so im putting his xbox game name out there for you to bother him

    mustangkiller87 = ashton kutchner

  • steven gerrards gamertag is brindle lfc and xabi alonsos is barry w lfc

  • Add me on xbox live people its steven gerrard .. add me >> kingbrucie

  • AJ

    II Lil Danny II this is danny murphy who plays for fulham full name daniel ryan murphy this is danny murphy add him an get a few of the fulham boys off his friends

  • ;)

    Hitmandan90 is brett hart

    • Pailoim34

      Purringkitten is the rapper Ray J

  • terry parry

    add me tonyp1978

    • Pskinny321

      Add me pskinny321

  • daniel thorogood

    aaronboyle is susan boyle’s nephew

  • kenny o’shea

    john oshea’s brother KeNcO 2oo8

  • yer i can confirm barry w lfc is xabi alonso

  • kieran

    add me an i’ll kick any1’s ass on any game kierancooney

  • adamliverpool is ringo starr a dam liverpool with no spaces

  • bev

    xabi alonso is the best on fifa 09 hes a nice man aswell he’ll accept u n he talks to you, but u will never beat him on fifa 09

  • jacko lfc 96 – the black version of Micky jacko

  • Brandon

    thats not dane cooks.. dane cooks is Dane Cook, lol there is a space


    Christian Bale = A GIANT TACO 7

  • Joey

    Any new “real” celeb gamertag ???

  • Anon

    Hi, i found out Skrtels gamertag its “iTz Kop1t3CRi5”

  • anon

    hey, ive found Steve McManaman xbox live gamertag hes sound wiv people adding him.

  • anon

    steve mcmanaman xbox gamertag = SpionKopite

  • Anon

    Super Cristiano is Cristiano Ronaldo i spoke to him in Asda!!

  • Phil

    XAy3iZBoNkErz is dizzee rascal, and it actually is because he recently changed his gamertag to what it is because of the song bonkers. Add him all, he also knows tinchy stryder an n-dubz, he might give you ther gamertag if you are lucky. dizzee is a good man

  • Ian

    Gibbo LFC is is kieran gibbs the young arsenal full back, hes not to good on fifa tho lol, he also supports liverpool which is something i didnt know until i added him, hes a nice bloke however.

  • Anony

    eminems is Big Proof313

  • ceedamonster

    BigDroPunisher is the actor from Punisher movie

  • yo

    Jason kidds Gamertag is kmanj100

  • Dahrizzle

    free2gethigh iz da D O DUB G SNOOOOOOOPDOG

  • Derek H Gamer = Derek jeter my friends uncle is a trainer for the yankees and he got hes gamer tag for my friend he has stupid stuff on hes gamer card so people dont know its him lol but trust me i actualy talked to him once

  • Youngest Oldest <——— Gamertag add me come get the biz in any EA sports games

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngestoldest
    K G’s gamertag is KGB666

  • luvdatcash

    My friend has a stepdad who’s friends with the drummer of Blink-182. yea crazy. His gamertag is RiSe oF DEmiiSe.

  • t-man

    Yoo Adam Sandler’s gamertag is XzMUff1N M4NzX!!! No joke, I saw it on spike tv on some xbox show. Im surprised its not everywhere on this site already.

  • notorious james

    I saw William Hung on a foreign talk show and it showed that he plays xbox. His g tag is “ll JoHn C ll”, its weird, but its really him lol.

  • kaka

    this is kaka my gamertag is soccerkarthik11

    • Flip

      If you are really “Kaka,” wouldn’t you call it futbol or football rather then soccer. Come on, I’m from the U.S.  (and a huge futbol/soccer fanatic)and I doubt that a South American would call it soccer.

  • kaka

    add me

  • Marcus

    name is marcus xbox live name is- lemar14
    I play Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and NBA 2K9.. hit me up

  • BOB

    yours mom xbox gamertag is


    get a life fags seriously celebs don’t have time for xbox fucktards!

    • ROBERT

      ok for one your the fucktard here and fuck you you ass hole mother fucker bitch

  • Billy

    SittingBobcat is Tony Romo

    I agree with bob

  • chin

    brindle lfc is not steven gerrard, i added him and he sent me a message saying “fuck off”, i swear on my own life.

  • Billy

    SittingBobcat is not Tony Romo

  • johnny bojangles

    X Greg Jones X is Greg Jones from the jaguars, i know him, hes a pretty cool guy, he plays call of duty and hes actually pretty good

  • Gangsta Decipe

    You All Are Fucking Retards..U Actually Waste Your time Trying To Get Thier Gamertags….Stop Trying To Suck Them Off And Get a Life..Get A Job..Go To School…Or Kill Yourself..Really I Have To Say it Again U All Are Fucking Dumb As Fuck Wasting Your time…And if U Do Find A Celeb. Do U Think There Gonna Talk To U..They Are Doing What U Fucks Should Be Doing Living a Real Life..

    • Gd up

      shut the fuk up fagit why do keep coming on here just 2 talk shit dont act ur not looking 4 gamertgs eighther fuk face

    • Keith Spence

      If that’s the case y are you on this site u obviously where looking fir celebs gamertags to you faggot

  • Me

    Haha, thanks for reading the site Gangsta, how’d you end up here? By googling celebrity gamertags? I’ve actually played with a few (xzibit and comedian Robert Kelly) and they are happy to talk to people when they are playing. It’s impossible to get on their friends lists but they aren’t assholes when you do get in a game with them.

  • unknown

    i know right why u tellin us not to look it up if ur dumb ass is on this site u hippocrat

  • unknown

    does 50 cent or snoop dogg or ludacris gota real xbox live account anyone ?????

  • Alex

    Megan Fox’s is Megan Fox 2009

  • donte

    im not a celebrity but add me its sSK3tch if u play gears 2 because thats pretty much all i play

  • donte

    i mean sSK3tch V157

  • Dave

    XxTakingxLifexX = Barry Sanders

  • Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!

    get a fuckin life none of these are real. why would they let any body no stupid fucktards

  • Me

    The first 4 definitely work, the rest are most likely crap and all the ones posted in the comments are most likely those of the people posting them.

  • rob

    NoToRi0us BFD = Busta Rhymes

  • dan

    this is danny dyers game tag. i added him and he has only been online 2 times since i added him, he was playin saints row 2 and ufc lol i tried joining a party but he never replies

  • Add

    I found Chris Rocks Gamertag

  • The guy apologized profusely. ,

  • Chi21City is DERRICK ROSE rookie of the year from the chicago bulls

    i went to h.s with him.. good friend of mine.hes a cool down to earth dude.. loves his nba games and call of duty.. he good at all of em and will add cool ppl. try him and tell him u know j.d from SIMEON h.s in chicago.

    • i had sex with megan fox

      No its not i tried to add him fag.

  • Owl City’s Adam Young the singer 🙂 i love owl city
    gt: Adam Young

  • Cliff

    Yo erveryone I found dj khaleds gamertag it’s ARAB I LebSteR it’s actually him

  • Da Don

    I know 4sure that Asher Roth’s (the rapper) Gamertag is X Jay Smoka X
    Hes cool as fuck and has a hell of a gamerscore.

  • Da Don

    and smuckerr is NOT Chris rock, its some fag in scotland

  • AC Slater

    Da Don: Most of the people in the comments claiming to know some celebrity gamertag are most likely just posting themselves, it’s kind of hard to verify the ones people post.

  • Wowwwzers

    imStillAlive = tupac…. See how easy that was?

  • Ben

    I know the guy Darren out of emmerdale and shameless it’s ( AoW ii KroNiKz ) as I live in emmerdale and see him often

  • dro

    juice jsk is the rapper from b.s.w(Black wall street)

  • Snakeymike

    Check out my web page http://www.honefitness.co.uk
    Gamertag Snakeymike
    Umm Gamertag: Triggerhappydom
    is Mr Dom Jolly from trigger happy tv lol what a funny guy HELLO….

  • soulja boy cant beat me in halo3 do i will give him the business cant nobody beat me m undefeated heres my gamertag and1ROB LOWERY youll git yo ass beat 2

  • vanzzee

    byse777 is baron brown

  • callumwall

    A 10 year old rapper in crewe has a Xbox live acount

    Little Bergin / Ryan Bergin – Rapper

  • h0twing3

    Fred Durst: Gt: Evan Jealous

    Confirmed by his official twitter page.

  • AC Slater

    Thanks h0twing3, I knew that one from a while ago, but I forgot to post it.

  • ryan

    chad ochocinco’s is Estaban85

  • ryan

    its on his twitter

  • Samm

    AgentArenas is not Gilber Arenas’ gamertag because I tired to send him a friend request and it said that it was not a real gamertag.

  • Me

    Eminems one doesnt even fit

  • Jorge

    ajsizzle17 is adam jones the center fielder for the orioles

  • I play with Fred Durst on Xbox Live along with various other people

    Evan Jealous is his OLD gamertag

    he has a new one, not hard to find it tho….google is your friend 😉

  • AC Slater

    anon: Thanks, I think I got his real one now. I follow him on twitter and he posts pictures all the time of his TV while playing MW2, but I never noticed that Evan Jealous wasn’t on there anymore.

  • Minusthree

    ryan blairs plays by RyanDevine or _RyanDevine_ i think

  • Yu-Era: YuEra

  • KCJuggalo913J4L

    you all are fuckin stupid the only one that is real is the first four im talkin to “dj Khaled” right now dont send him friend requests he is not real just like a bunch of these other ppl fuckin idiots lol

  • C A

    chad ocho cincos is real also i know tht for a fact

  • AC Slater

    The ones I listed as confirmed above are just that, confirmed. Whether it was via twitter or other means, those are the real Gamertags of those celebrities, everything listed under Unconfirmed is just random crap that was found on blogs and forums that are most likely fake and/or old. Any Gamertag that has “GWF” means it was a special Game With Fame Gamertag that Microsoft set up for a limited promotion and there’s a 99.9% chance they no longer work. The only one in the confirmed section that may not be active anymore is Tony Hawks, only because I find it weird that it’s “Tony In Egypt” so he may have been on the road and may change it up from time to time, but he posted it on his Twitter so at one point it was his real Gamertag.

  • florida

    warren g gamertag is {WARREN G 21ST}

  • florida


  • dude

    well you dudes are being stupid if the people want to beg from the stars let them the rest of us will be kicking ass on xobox live man rock on
    he here is a good player tag
    aa iz trickyyy he and halo 3 hes good not great
    his names austin good friend good gamer
    peace out

  • dude

    hey good gamers out there watch it on CAL MW 2
    theres a newbie who nis fun as hell to blow do the ball tag thing and he gets pissed its funney as hell
    yip ki a mother fucker ha ha
    dude take on (myunclethejoker) if there is a kid playing hes pretty good not saying im the best any ways
    peace out

  • AC Slater

    dude: I didn’t understand a word you said…

  • Steven Gains

    I dont know anyones except mike “the situation” sorentinos from the jersey shore. He used to play alot before the end of JS but now he only signs on occasionally, like 3 times a week.

    his gamertag – The Situati0n 7

  • Trent

    Played cod MW2 with Zac Efron a few times. I met him on xbox through a friend of a friend who’s friends with him. His gamertag is Beach Stud. I wouldn’t bother sending him a friend request though, he only adds people he knows.

  • Joey

    Jhonen Vasquez was on Game With Fame, that gamertag was Bioshock2Jhonen . but like you said it probably no longer works.

  • Jesus

    I was informed that Christian Finnegan, the comedian, has an Xbox Live gamertag that is something like ‘MC Mustache’.

  • anon

    DURST LBGC is no Longer Fred Durst’s xbox live gamertag. it has recently been changed.

    so it is confirmed to be wrong.

  • Ben

    actually matt’s leinharts gamertag is Xxsucks at footballXx

  • Calvin

    Ludacris’ gamertag is confirmed for sure because i played with him once. and bill gates is deff confirmed and matt leinharts gamertag is no that. You Cardinals hater.

  • Joshua Rhodes

    I’ve played a few times with Jesse McCartney’s girlfriend. She is really cool and fun to play with. Her gamertag is XbAdXr0mAnCeX

  • love

    cool famous people can someone get zac efrons real xbox live name and Daniel Radcliffe’s please

    • that’s absurd

    • Keith smith

      justin bieber his tg should be I_throwupon_stage lmfdao

  • justin beiber- Camp x Sniipezz

  • derek

    quenton rampage jackson’s tag is : toosweetkoolaid confirmed. my friend is his trainers brother

  • eminem’s gamertag has been changed to MICMARLEY

  • xboxmags

    confirmed: Lil Waynes GT is now salemv865

  • john

    GUy Fieri gamertag is gur fieri hes fucking legit he plays call of duty and nba 2k10

  • jason b

    “aka jro” and the gamertag nappy boi fr3sh is ufc announcer joe rogan fighter rampage jackson xbox live gamertags…… found out on spike tv the other day…… friends list isnt full either

  • jake miller

    Jason b is wrong. joe rogans gamertag is “o Catastrophic” and herb dean’s (Ufc referee) gamertag is “Undetectabie”. The L in undetectable is an I.

  • Joe Oldick

    The jonas brothers gamertags are “aKa Jro” “aKa Zooted” “aKa Lazyy” They all made their gamertags the same because they are brothers. Also Tom from Myspace has xbl too GT: AApock

  • jake miller

    pretty much all the comments are not real gamertags so this sites pointless

    • AC Slater

      @jake obviously the ones in the comments are all fake, which is why they aren’t posted in the actual post.

  • dennis

    famous rapper bill bluckmen gamertag is bluckmen

  • i Dyslexiaa Got

    Lil Wayness real GT- SuWoo555 i have his as a friend and played with him i make 10th lobbies thats were i met him

  • shawnee99

    mine is shawnee99

  • jeff d

    Drake (Rapper)-aKa Lazyy

  • will p

    yo “aka jro” is for real fat joes gamertag…. all the other shit is fake but this is real….. saw cribs on mtv and it showed a message of his gamertag on it

  • adam f

    will p is wrong. i messaged that aka jro kid and he blocked communications with me and said its not him so hes really not fat joe. will p is just lying. anyway, the only legit gamertags are the one not in the comments

    • AC Slater

      @adam f More than one person has posted that “aka jro” is someone’s Gamertag, and each time it’s someone different. I wouldn’t rely on any of the comments.

  • adam f

    ac is right. u should remove all the comments because everyone is spamming aka jro. i was talking to him and he said if they dont stop hes gonna call microsoft or something…

  • dan k

    yea aka jro is fake. dont even bother.

  • keith g

    yea that aka guy blocked communications with me. so hes obviously not a real celebrity

  • Patrick

    I just bought the new Ufc game and after a couple of hours playin I played this dude named ca5per86 and he said he was kimbo slice his profile is legit. His real name is kevin he pretty cool as long as u don’t try to talk to him too much

  • cameron

    the aka guy is not legit. he blocked me and told me to fuck off

  • my username is RYANISCOOL1


  • Sk1z1m

    Has anyone ever played with Sk1z1m? I hear he’s like an xbl legend.

  • Tyler

    Confirmed: will ferrels is RickMarshll158 and there is no a between the h and l

  • john cenas username is JOHN CEnA STF

    • Austin

      nO ITS NOT


    You SGT VIARRUEL only play with hot chicks on xbox live. Had one chick trying to sex chat with me on xbox had her on web cam doing crazy things yo 4realz hit me up. CHICKZ ONLY!!! 😉

  • Jesse

    Hey Does Anyone know Whats Jesse McCartney Gamer tag Is

  • RoBbIe

    ii P u l s e v What a legend

  • Joe

    Robbert Pattinson GT is kcinnomis, I am his agent.

    • Gamertag hackfinder

      His agent can’t spell his first name right. Liar. I think if u were his agent he would fire you for giving out his info.

  • Ludacris

    Whats Poppin’ Playa’s Naw I Changed My GT To LudaBallinT13, But Im Not Gonna Add You Guys, Sorry. But Hey I Cant Add Everyone. Sorry. Oh Lil’ Wayne Will Be Out Of Jail Soon. I Spoke To Him. Peace Everyone.

    Sorry To Dissapoint Ya’ll…

  • hey

    these all better be rite cuz i have added lyk all the famous rappers

    • AC Slater

      @hey I wouldn’t count on the ones in the comments being right, but the ones in the post that say “Confirmed” were those people’s who they say they are (at least at one point).

  • Nixx

    For those of you that know SoCal Trash his gamer tag is trashd951. And I know 100% that is him. He personally told me and I’ve played him a few times

  • hit me upFreshmoney24 anygame on 360 u can get it

  • hey did you know shaun white has xbox?

  • Amber Lynn

    Im a girl gamer … dont like it fuck off …. i need friends and im really fun and i bet i could kick your ass

  • Austin

    You all are stupid!!! Live Tage Can Only Have 15 Characters so most of those have more

  • John

    Lil Waynes GT is “Attics3”

  • Does anyone has dappy and frazer’s gamertags on the xbox 360 ?

  • Bams gamer tag is lambo blue413

  • mcg34

    Robert Pattinson is MasterShake34
    Taylor Laughed is ripXvanXwinkle
    Justin Bieber is kamaylo
    Malcom Mcdowell is blitzwulfe88
    this is confirmed. They’re friends and play with each other all of the time. I’ve talked to them. They are all pretty cool

    • Gamertag hackfinder

      Bull stuff, mastershake belong to an 18 year old kid who changed to revcottonmarcus and the tayler lautner is his friend Doug. It’s all bull.

      • Truths33k3r

        @Gamertag hackfinder I agree with you because I just recently played a game of Left 4 Dead 2 with this imposter and the way he talked and the things he said just didn’t seem like Robert Pattinson. LAIRS!!!

        • Truths33k3r


      • AC Slater

        Like I’ve said before, anything in the comments is just garbage. Only the ones in the actual post above that say “CONFIRMED” are actual celebrities. The rest are just little kids that have no friends and need to lie on a blog in order to find some…

    • Keith smith

      Robert pattinson gamertags is revcottonmarcus

      • Keith smith

        not mastersnake34

  • julian

    jay lenos gt is oSo xModernz i played with him a couple times and hes actually decent at mw2

  • Ben

    Justin Biebers = xXQW1KXC0P4zZxX

  • Chris Jericho= Y2JCHRISJERICHO

    • Jimmy La

      hey the dane cook one is really dane cook i was playing online with him and his best friend the other night

    • Jimmy La

      DaneCook is really dane cooks gamer tag i pretty sure its DANE COOK but its really him i was on xbox live playing call of duty black ops with him and hes really good was playing hardcore free for all and he kept winning every match and he was funny as shit!!!!!

  • my gamerscore is 5435

    • alex


    • Mike

      your gamer score sux

    • De6adRis6in

      23715 check me out and also check the completion rate of the games

      • Lurchlangdon

        my penis is bigger.

  • kelsey

    i heard that miley cyrus was on xbox live

  • justinb

    hey this is justin bieber im doing promotional xbox live gaming Jbiebs GwF

    • Arthut

      Justin Bieber you sound like a little girl, grow up and get a mans voice.

    • Hi,
      I’m Bill Gates you already knows me, i confirme that i don’t play on live (to avoid all kind of problems) so don’t add those gamerstags to your friends list beacause it’s fake, and major nelson is watching you !

      • Lurchlangdon

        suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure prove it.

  • titob

    my gt is blubberypants

  • leon

    hey if u want to get pwned by me hit me up gi ninja turtle and rob dyrdek is RobDyrdek i no that one is legit but his freinds list is always full so there’s no point

  • Eminems GT is NAVY V3NOM

    • Lurchlangdon

      no it isn’t.

  • John Paulson

    I no Collin Farrels One is XxReCrOxX

  • I heard that Dave Chapelle’s is “Dr. Wisecup”

    • Yeah it is but he doesnt accept friend requests. Im from Yellow Springs and i blaze and game with Dave all the time

  • tbabythedon

    the rapper sin-cyti’s gamertag is Sincyti1 (check him out on youtube sincyti412)

  • Newfie Boy


    • Jon

      thanks for kesha’s gt, now i can personally tell her she sucks at life.

      • Kyle


  • Dementous

    Nickasuar! – imnickasaur (on my friends list)

  • tirik

    JuIcEBOX010 add me

  • RICK

    jaden smith= JHONATAN95



  • james

    Tyga’s Is GuddaRaw x

  • mike

    chris masters the masterpiece that wrestles on wwe is mpssuperman1978

    • eminem fan

      thats a girls named crystals

  • Kid Beezy(Skull squad records) CEO- gamer tag(KID BEEZY)

  • John

    John Judge= JdgHell

  • The rapper “Maino” Gamertag is: “MaineOh”

  • ttones

    Lil waynes gt is DiggaVeLLi

  • Chris

    Jae Millz fromYoung Money is Pvt Millz I saw it on a video recording Young Money on tour it wuz him,Drake, tyga’s(GT GuddaRaw x), and Chuckiee playin NBA 2k11

  • Chris

    O and I think gudda gudda’s is younggunn23155

  • Austincito

    Yo, Ryan Reynolds’ is Kezzler94 for Live and PSN

    • Guest

      Ryan Reynolds xbox 360 gamertag is RyanReynoldsGWF i was hanging out with some friends and i never play xbox 360 live i never play xbox at all its stupid and its retarded and some of my friends were in a lobby on a game and Ryan Reynolds was talking and it was him talking

      • AC Slater

        the “…GWF” gamertags are temporary gamertags given to celebrities as part of Microsoft’s “Game with Fame” program. So most of those gamertags will not be associated with the celebrities after those few hours of playing with them.

  • Soulja Boy Tell Em & chad Johnson (Ochocinco ) are definitely real.

  • ken

    Wiz khalifas gamertag is …CRSNx310

  • OO7 WyattD

    Fred Durst’s gtag is El Fredro . I played with him last month; he posted it on Bizkit’s facebook/twitter

    • AC Slater

      His changes all the time, it’s hard to keep up, but he’s usually pretty good about keeping people up to date on what the new one is. Thanks.

  • Arianna

    Jessica Chobot – pphhiiaaocrad
    I have played with her personally.

  • jacob

    rod dyrdek’s gamertag is soulsk8er4life

  • rob dyrdeks new gamer tag is soulsk8er4life this is legit

  • it is offical that rob dyrdeks gamertag is soulsk8er4life

    • AC Slater

      Don’t know whether to believe you considering you’ve posted the same thing 3 times using different names….

  • coxxy1gp

    idk i just added him

  • Steve

    Kyle Littleton’s gamertag is ClarkPlaceKilla

  • dylan

    Hit mee up dam99

  • Ryan

    Hey… Tobey Maguire’s gamer tag is “Your One Reason”. I play with him often….He is a very cool guy. I only ever see him on Gears Of War (Original)

  • mine is EgallowsMD send me a request

  • isaiah

    if you are a fan of call of duty there is a new clan that claims they can beat any one PMC is the clan gamertags include xPMCxBLACKIE209 xPMCxBeasty209 and way more so if your up to beat them hit em up

    • Starwars

      which COD?

  • hockeyman9292

    I play with Sidney Crosby..this is confirmed: palhockey0630

    pal is a hockey league that he is sponsored by that stands for pittsburg athletic league

  • liamlad98

    Callum walls gt is OvO CJAW

  • pooomate

    Yes Callums gt is OvO CJAW i have him on my friends hes that llad who’s a great footballer and he’s 11 year old he went to Barcelona to do freestyleing

  • dave

    ii nufcdave ii add is!!!!!!

    • T8ter1

      mines t8ter51 anyone add me im 17 with black hair with a white streak 2 lip rings and bi add me someone ANYONE!!

  • garon

    garonredhead lame gt but great player add me

  • Does anyone know what Violent J’s Gamer tag is? He is part of ICP and just wondering, Iknow there are haters out there but I would just like to know his tag thats all.

    • blaze

      ill try and find it for ya whoop whoop mmfwcl

      • blaze

        violent j gt is Violent J GwF i think dats wat juggalo kid told me

        • AC Slater

          if it has “GwF” at the end of it, it’s most likely a temporary account and isn’t actually used by the person. Microsoft sets up gamertags for celebrities and athletes and such when they run their “Game With Fame” promotions, hence the “GwF”. So if that account is even still active it’s probably not being used by anyone.

  • Matt Frizzle

    xcountrywaffler always on and always beasting

  • tHe Game

    johnny depp’s gt is RaNge R0v3R

  • Brittany

    My GT is Britta95 ;3

  • Mason

    I once played with a guy that said his brother was in Criminal Minds… Does that count? LOL

  • Trent

    Tmikehart is the real deal for borderlands,gears,skate3,and blackops

  • pete

    NAS the rapper is upmyvajj

  • lil mistresz

    Mitchelle Rodriguez GT is crzyKLR, and her bff is CrysStar67. i played with both of them the other night and they talk alot of shit..lol

    • lil mistresz

      your right! she is sooo funny. michelle cracked me up, and her friend even more crazier…

      • Terrance

        those two chicks are really crazy, and mad shit talkers…really funny. The CrysStar67 GT is actually Jenna Jameson-one hot b***h

  • Terrance

    film director MICHAEL MOORE plays black ops all the time. His gt is Giants256

  • david

    Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles is DJackson10, my cousin showed me this in an issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids

  • KURT


  • tony

    drew brees gamertag is dbeezy9 he plays black ops and madden

  • blake

    krew72 is emenim. he plays mw2 and blackops.

    • Drew

      This is freaking legit! I just got out of a party with a guy by the name of Max Salinas and Emenim. Apparently he knows Emenim and they played Halo 3 together. If you talk to Max, you have twice the chance of actually meeting with Emenim, they both play together.

  • Carlos

    SKULLMAN11 is Steve Austin aka stonecold Steve Austin

    o0 Guardian o0 is chuck Norris

  • Johnny

    Chris martinez’s gamertag is oXsnipemareXo

  • jay

    Rapper Boston Dutch is bostondutch915

  • Rob

    Kevin Love (Timberwolves Superstar) – LoveLockdown42 (plays NBA 2K11 and Black Ops)

  • JBlover

    Justin Bieber GT: Ange1 of Death2

  • Teletwang13

    Eric Church (CountrySinger) is cwb4life33

  • KrumpDog

    Brett Favre BlackOpsA33

  • Simpler

    wrong BlackOpsA33 being Bret Favre, it is the CEO of Treyarch

  • Cvlaxit

    Chris Brown: CoOcHiEmanChRiS

  • Cvlaxit

    the chad oncocinco one is wrong

  • Matt chaput

    james roday the main charactor in the show Psych, little brother tanner- tss18

  • Digimon99

    Charlie Sheens Gamer Tag Is…


  • Ryandegruchy

    Ryan Whitney/s gammer tag is ryanRED52

  • Billy

    Ryan Whitney’s gamertag is ryanRED52

    • Jermal

      it actuall is i tried it

  • Saragarcia38

    derrick rose game tag g0bulls with a zero it really works100%.

  • Bluckmen

    Famous rappeenr bill bluckmen xbox gamertag is bluckmen

  • Bravesfan12

    billyohulahanes is jeff gordens

  • Ramirez30819@yahoo.com

    Wwes retired superstars gamertag is XxEDGECUTIONxX

  • Mattkensler

    I know dylan sprouses and cole sprouses and his cousin
    Dylan Sprouse- cougar8020
    Cole Sprouse- idiocity26
    Ian sprouse ( their cousin)- big bomb 12
    p.s. they always go to their cousin’s house Ian every summer and he lives in Idaho Ian does. they are going to be there all summer.
    I know this because i am ians neighbor  

    • Patrykrozner

       but dylan sprouse says im not dylan sprouse? is that true or is he just saying that 4 peope to not know him?

      • I would take all of these with a grain of salt, especially in the comments.

  • Danny

    Lil Twist From Young Money Is o TR0N v

  • Ddddco


  • Robertderekpickard

    eminems gamertag is Krew72

  • Robertderekpickard

    Ryan Reynolds’ gamertag is  xR DADDYx

  • Tangle5

    twilight zone 7 is jay z gametag, i’ve been to one of his holmes installing cable

  • Ethan Chase

    AlrightGays – will young proved

  • chad stephens

    Rob Dyrdeks is —->    x 2 Sketchy x

  • Konnor

    Xx headshot xX

  • Hockeysandmann

    u need rob dyerdek gamertag

  • Lurchlangdon

    smokelurchbuds is Big Lurch….still playin’ in prison! Really check it out…. No not really but people have been trollin’ hard here…hit me up if you play skate3,Borderlands,Halo:Reach,or Mortal Kombat…

  • Bigradbrad

    HUN7ER187 .. guess who

    • None

      Hunter Hearst Helmsley?

  • Keyantesmith

    justin biebers gamer tag is samuraisleet229

  • Tyga From Young Money

    Tyga’s Gamertag is THickman23

  • Lil B The BasedGod

    Lil B “The BasedGod” Gamertag is BasedLesbian

  • Guest

    You can’t put underscores in gamertags so some of those “unconfirmed” ones are obviously wrong…?

  • Ddessauer

    justin biebers gamertag on xbox live is GabrielHALODUDE.



  • Guest

    Check the title there are only a few of the confirmed ones 


    fifty cents gamer tag is SamuraiSleet229

    • Anthony

      Dude quit posing cause thts the exact same gt as the one u put for justin bieber so quit trying

    • Nixon

      yo it works, If you want to add me y gt is SpotStorm

  • Wap23maw

    I added the real eminem – maryial mathers he does not liked to be stocked he said only send him a friend request with a mssg saying are you eminem his gamertag is xxgabemiesterxx

  • michael jordans   is jordanwarren

  • michael jordans is /jordanwarren/

  • Acolella2011

    hotdiggety is my gamertag on xbox 360 look me up

  • ajc

    hotdiggetydog is my gamertage on ps3 look me up

  • aj

    xbox live gamertage is hotdaggety on ps3 its hotdiggetydog i am on all yhe time and i play a lot of wm3 black ops and wm2 so look me up

  • MysteriousTonya

    Id love to play Halo reach with some famous people it would be awsome 

    • Josephiscool98@yahoo.com

      I have played with Micheal Cera on halo reach before

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  • guest

    Xbox live gamertags  GWF Game With Fame. Chris Tucker-Commedian and a hollywood movie star actor ChrisTuckerGWF. Ryan Reynolds hollywood movie star actor RyanReynoldsGWF Vin Diesel hollywood movie star actor V1nD1eseLGWF                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Rap Singer Mike Jones

    Mike Jones-Rap singer MJonesMikeJones

    • 4321Jake

      Quit lying fag every one add mike jones account it’s PW SWISHA HOUSE it’s HACKER T BONE the PW swisha house sais he is pall wall but mjones and Paul wall are the same person they are fuckin fake ass pussys paul wall it sais he is offline but he is on send him message listen to both of them fake Paul walls exusse is I got grills in right now

      • Microsoft Game With Fame

        Kid your a fucking retard you dont know what the fuck your talking about this kids a dumbass fucking retard Mike Jones the rap singer and Paul Wall the rap singer are not the same people and thare other xbox live gamertags they have are real thare really them because i was in a party chat on xbox live and they both were in the party chat and they kinda sound like the same person talking and they both said they have thare grillz in but when Mike Jones took his grillz out of his mouth he didnt sound like Paul Wall.

        • Guest

          These Xbox live gamertags are really them

      • Guest

        These xbox live gamertags are not fake

        • Guest

          These famous people are really thare xbox live gamertags

  • Guest

    Paul Wall’s Xbox live Gamertag Paul Wall-Rap Singer PW Swisha House 

  • Guest

    Im not lying these gamertags are real

  • Guest

    These Gamertags are realy them

  • Guest

    These are realy some famous peoples xbox live gamertags

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  • guest

    John Cho (Harold from “Harold and Kumar”) is BlazinAsian2. 

  • James Booth

    Steven Gerrard is Stevie G

  • Austin

    Austin bentley is austin bentley4

  • David

    my xbox live gamertag is ZxbullsEyeXZZX

  • Freak_of_metallica

    add me MeTaLlIcA2025 Good Player and awesome to talk to 🙂

  • Rocfl

    Collin Farrell GT:
    xX RussianRambo

  • some guy

    you cant friend almost any of them because there lists are full but still good scouting.

  • Rosenbry75

    want to join Cr4w add me Toxic Phatman try outs mw3

    • Already got a “clan”, which is essentially just a group of friends, but if you’re looking for a game we’re on quite a bit, GT: MaKTR2 clan tag [MEN] 😛

  • Smilewithsims

    Miley cyrus has 3 different accounts two personal and one were she accepts people who add her..

    • Lexi11

      What r they

      • Tyler

        add me HAKER T BONE

  • Keithmontian

    exquisitespade5 is lil john!!

    • Stella


  • Chelsie

    Add me: Yoshi Can Snipe
    I’m just a random chick looking for someone to play CoD with(:

    • Gemma222004

      add me im a girl C1ockworkRabbit

    •  I sent you a friend request

      • guest

        you just want some pussy ass

  • FNTMStudios

    Eric Adams ( Senator ) ‘s gamertag is Senator Adams

  • Tdawgrowe

    add me! xxBARBIEWORLDxx! :D:

  • Jackboo

    Add me im moneymakeuh
    COD all the time!!!!!

    • 2000garret

      no its not

  • Whywoulditellyoumyname

    Eminem is your_an_idiot1224

    • eminem fan

      no its not

  • Eckstract

    Kid4Life is FAKE im on xboxlive.com and his bio was 


  • Birdman103rd

    2k champ madden champ fifa champ and CoD them player hit me up maccmn666

  • Guest

    This is one of Eminem’s Xbox live gamertags Actingorb897

    • Guest

      Eminem a famous Rap Singer this is one of his xbox live gamertags Actingorb897

      • Jozy

        This gamertag is legit, 100%

  • Sean Kingston123321

    chris brown is = chris itz pro

  • Rae_white251

    Add me RAESORAW

  • Ikesuks

    im just gunna troll the balls off these celebs if i end up in a match with them. btw join da pug nation. xbox clan

    • Martin Michael Holik

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Flexin1000

    Bigdaddy7879 add me..2k..madden..cod..ncaa

  • guest

    does enyone knows jaden smith

  • guest

    wats jaden smiths gamertag

  • Jordan Hare(Football Academy)

    ADD ME  – JDaSSaSinS

  • Jordan Hare :D

    Add This Gamertag – JDaSSaSinS


  • Jordan Hare

    Add- JDaSSaSinS



  • Jordan Hare

    :D- JDaSSaSinS

  • Matt R

    Add JDaSSaSinS He’s such a legend , and lots of fun , 1 for celebs

  • Will C

    Add JDaSSaSinS   Worth the Add

  • BeerJingle

    Jonathan Davis from Korn, whats his gamertag?

  • Demon1952

    if u want free microsoftpoints go to this website http://thelivegenerator.com/?r=1167740

  • PhYcHoTiC pAnDa 3

    Add me im PhYcHoTiCpAnDa3 if you like to play kinect

  • Srhoades

    add me i am puppylover518 i accept anybodys friend request and i am ussually always on plz and i have a mic so we can chat plz add me

    • xboxclan

      is that for xbox 360

  • I dnt believe these are their real gamertags but Add me..mines is NainaBug

  • Sonyplaystation09547


  • Pedro

    I am Brazil, ADD ME: Psx36

  • bornbreditized

    bowwows gamer tagg is puppylove

  • bornbreditized

    add me on xbox bornpreditizedD i play 2k13 and boxing and shooting games all sports

  • John

    XV is XtotheV. It’s conformed because it says so on his twitter lol

  • Charlie

    My name is not charlie

  • Anonymous

    That is my Gamertags


    minibilby1990 is amy lee

  • gamertag of actor Liam james is: theLiAm james96. comfirmed!

  • gamertag of tom cruise is: five5kill. ->comfirmed!

    • eminem fan

      it really is

  • XBOX

    Tom Brady NFL Football player his xbox live gamertag is TOIVI BRADY 12 I swear to God and I swear to God Its not me I don’t play xbox

  • Guest

    Tom Brady s xbox gamertag 100% legit

  • Morgan

    Add me I just made a new Xbox live account because I forgot my pass word : TeddyBearRoars I should point out that I did not chose that name my brother did ….. I am a girl just looking for some awesome xbox live friends..

    • JORGE

      add me EPICGUNNER11

  • Young Money

    Drizzy Drake the rap singer xbox live gamertag DrizzyTHEYKNOW

  • kristina

    100% legit it is really Drake

  • Tom

    DrizzyTHEYKNOW that really is him cool

  • Tom

    100% legit

  • Nikki

    That’s really Drake

  • Alixzandria


  • Alixzandria

    Add me DaRkMyStIcChAoS

  • Shane dawson fan

    Add me my gt is emoisatank2014

  • bob


  • Josh

    Pewdiepie (felix kejellberg)
    GAmertag: Pewdiepie36o
    The 360 the zero is an oh
    100% legit we video kennected threw kennect

  • Jonathan ToLs

    Tom Brady (New England Patriots NFL Quarterback) GT: TerrificBrady

  • Nicholas

    Megan Fox is Megan Fox 2009 She is pretty good at halo add me DragonFlame8999 got all the new games cod adavanced warefare fifa halo 4 forza horizon 2

  • Mike

    This is real you guys can check it out to prove it’s real your selves but it’s Kevin Hart .. comedian, actor but its for ps4 he plays nba 2k15 and it’s lilswag79 if you go on the ps store on the ps4 go to the movies section then keep going down till you see the wedding ringer its underneath the interview anyways go to the wedding ringer and theirs a exclusive video with Kevin hart talking himself and he gives out his gaming name

  • Angry Ninjas

    Bryan Cranston’s is: Heisen8urg
    (confirmed – friend of the family)

  • Decc

    Add me XxDeCoRxX GTA 5 playas only

  • CAL1_k1LL3R

    I’m 15 and I play black ops 3 mostly but sometimes I play gta and minecraft but anyway I’m female my console is xbox one feel free to add me people @ GOLDEN BUNNY464 (no space between bunny and 464)

  • TrvpBunkin

    I’m 13 and i play GrandTheftAuto V. I’m a male. My console is Xbox One (and Xbox 360 but dont get on it no more.) Feel free to add me.
    Gamertag: TrvpLord JR

  • Yella Boss Mebane

    I’m Yella Boss – a rapper google me .add me on Xbox one gta5 player

  • Corey Williams

    Add me @kingofthexbox11

  • Scott Hodgkinson

    BO3 add me H3ATH3N88 ima dude jus lookin for ppl to play with that communicate

  • Amber01

    Hello world???? Lol but anyway i love playing COD BLACK OPS 3???????? But my most favorite game to play is GTA 5?????????…..I’m 15 and female btw lol???? But if u would like add me here’s my gamertag….GOLDEN BUNNY464(there’s a space between golden and bunny…no space between bunny and 464 lol????)My console is Xbox one btw????…..love to all???????????????????? …………