I found a bunch of videos that show you how to get into some of the glitches in Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombie mode. One video is above and the rest are after the jump. What’s the highest level you’ve gotten to with or without a glitch? Without glitching we can’t seem to get passed level 12 with 3 people. With glitching I got up to level 22 with 4 people.

Anyone have any strategies for those that don’t want to glitch?

Update 12/2/09: If you haven’t figured it out already, this post was made back in January of 2009, so there’s a good chance none of these glitches work anymore, so I wouldn’t waste your time trying them.

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  • Phillip

    You dont need glitches to get to the higher levels. me and my 9 year old brother get to level 18 without the glitches. You just need to hope you get guns like the MG42 or the ray gun and maybe the flamethrower, and we usually do get guns like that. But you just need good teamwork.
    Back yourselves into the last room(the one with the door and only 1 window that they can break through. and on about lvl 10 if you have 2 ppl 1 person shoots until they need to reaload then you swap over and the next person shoots while the other reloads(but you might need some1 to watch the window. and you do need to watch each others backs. and just as the next levels about to end run down stairs and see if you can get any betta guns. if theres one zombie left on the level you can get 1 person to lure him around 1 of the rooms while the other guys get betta guns and repair all the barriers.
    But you should just figure out your own kind of strategy that works best for you. Just try different things.

    E-mail me if you want. Flip_rox.1@hotmail.com

    and ill see if we can play zombies together some time.

    Me n my brothers share this x box live account


  • Me

    Phillip: That’s actually where the glitch that these guys used when I played with them was. Upstairs near the shotgun and that one window. You know there are less zombies with 2 people as opposed to 3 or 4 people, but I guess it shouldn’t matter since then you have more fire power, but it’s still harder to keep them all away in my opinion.

    But I’ll have to try going up into that area and hiding out against the back. And yes, I agree you have to get lucky with guns, that Ray Gun is extremely helpful.

  • kennymcg1995

    I think the best way to do it with 2 people is to open the 2nd floor, then open the stairs leading down to the Help Room without opening the Help Room Door. Then. Have one person guard the two windows and the hole in the wall, and one person camp at the bottom of the stairs with a BAR or other HMG, and a Double-Barreled Shotgun, Trench Gun, or Ray Gun. The flamethrower also works too. The only problem is that every now and then, Zombies can swarm the tunnel and the stairs, but that usually is the only problem if you stay alert and organized. I’ve gotten to level 23 using this method with one friend using the flamethrower and MG42 and me using a Ray Gun and Double-Barreled Shotgun. Send me a friend request and I’ll play a couple rounds. My gamertag is kennymcg1995, same as my name.

  • We have several strategies to help people get 40+ legit in nazi zombies with no exploits and upwards of level 26+ 4 player without exploits…

  • Joe

    A full group I’ve played with got up to 20 without glitches, and a few times past 30 with glitches. Sometimes it just take s having a good team who communicates.

  • Me

    Vosty3: I’ll have to read through the forums a bit more, I love you’re site (obviously that’s where the videos came from) and actually wanted to talk to you guys about helping out (you’re going to run into problems with Dreamhost as your hosting if you get much bigger). So maybe i’ll finally make an account over there and participate. Thanks for the comment.

  • Zombie kid

    2 of my fav strategies are these-
    where you buy grenades get everyone (minimum is you and 1 person) and back into the place where you buy em, then one covers the stairs from the balcony and either you cover everything else or if you got 3 others have 1 covering the stairs one killing all the first guy miss’s and you and the other guy kill the others me and my mates do it and usually get to level 42 or until we get bored lol,

    The next is unlock only the help room and have two people cover the ‘help’ door and the other 2 to scout around and kill all coming through the windows, the reason this is good is because you turn the first 5 points of entry into that one door, and you got the random weapon, we do this and get quite high hope this was helpful!

  • brap

    daaaaamn youz suck… it really aint hard to get past level 15 with 2 players!!!! just go through the door at level 4 get shot gun some one cover the door someone in the room and then go up stairs at level 10 … go from there. it aint hard to get up to level 7 on solo zombies!!!

  • brap

    a good taktic. from level 1 let em tear down the barriers (for points) and shoot them with the handgun (takes a clip to klill them so you rack up lots of points) and do the same for round 2. in doing this you get a lot of points which is useful. then open door at level 4 get shot gun on the wall. someone cover the big main room at the door and someone cover the new room. also when the end of the round seems to be coming to an end leave 1 last zombie alive. the round wont end and it gives you time to rebuild and check the random box!!! … just hope you get deployables and ray guns… level 10 go upstairs and to the grenades.. who ever has the worst of the guns just lob granades over and over again through the open door opposite and at the window (its the only 2 places they can get in!) and go from there… it all depends on the guns you get!!

  • C.O.D. 5 Freak

    You guys are all newbs.

    Me and my brother got to level 32 without glitches, and had only a 2 man team. You guys are sad 4 people and only level 22? OMG.

    My hints:
    Learn how to survive.
    Do Teamwork.
    If you are on Level 10+ then use a grenade and blow off the zombies legs. It will be slow, so it will give you time to go and swap guns and rebuild the windows.

    Another one:
    When you go upstairs sit by where you can buy grenades and always watch the window to the right, then if you have these guns (Ray gun, Mg42, Flamethrower(great if you get instant kill) then one person shoots, and when that person runs out of ammo, let the next person shoot. Always throw grenades, when they start to come.

    Follow these hints and you might get up to level 20+


  • Me

    C.O.D. 5 Freak: First of all, 32 is impressive either way, but the more players you have the more zombies come each wave. So if you only have 2 players you are going to get bombarded by less zombies than if you were playing with 4 people, so it’s a little harder and a little unfair to compare 2 players vs. 4 players.

  • C.O.D. 5 Freak

    First, of all Whenever I play online with 4 players they SUCK.

  • mike

    well my stergy with n’z is that try and get 2 peaple with ray gun and browing fg,mg 42 then camp up near the grenades and i got to lvl 18 without any of the guns i listed and there and look where that got us

  • well another glitch tha me and my cousin found that if some1 is in the tile glitch have 2 people die and then 1 of them will spawn in the pole and then the other people need 2 go in the room with only 1 window and since ur in the pole they all run down 2 that bottom me and my cousin got 2 level 105 and then got bored

  • brett

    u need glitches!!!!!!!

  • Wow

    Just save up two thousand or more points in the first room. Then buy the stairs in the first room then immediately buy the other set of stairs and head down into the room on the other side of the door. Don’t buy the door! Then all the zombies from upstairs and the first room are forced to come to one spot. Also for some reason, almost all the zombies come to the first room and go up the stairs so there are hardly any breaking through the windows behind you. Just keep buying random weapons and good luck.

  • Knightmare

    My way of getting up to high levels without glitches:

    1. Kill zombies with your pistol until out of ammo, that will give you more points.
    2. Get the m1A1 and kill zombies until level 4-6
    3. Open the door and 1 person watch the first room
    4. swap guns if you want
    5. Keep on killing the zombies and 1 person defending the in the first room and ther other person in the room with the box swapping gun thing
    6. Once you are up to level 9-14 or so, throw grenades and blow off their legs once you think its the last zombie or close to the last zombie that will give you time to build up the windows and repair and swap guns if needed
    7. Once level 15+ go upstairs, if you are lucky enough and have the ray gun and other weapon good (mg42 recomended) sit over by where you can buy grenades and ALWAYS watch the window to the right
    8. Keep on shooting until one person runs out of ammo and then the next person shoots, and ALWAYS watch the window to the right again.
    9. I’ve kept this up and got to level 32 with a army of 2. (Me and my Bro) I say if you want glitches than you are a stupid newb.
    me and my bro both had ray guns and mg42’s the mg42 is great if you dont have time to reload your ray gun and faster and stronger than the browning.
    10. I hope this helps you get to high levels

  • skitzo

    ok without glitches get flamthrower and browning/mg go to grenade room and camp in that corner…or at the stairs in first room without opening them…or by the box in the help room…they all work if u no how to get headshots, i got to lvl 182 by myself and lvl 390 with 3 friends…1 had raygun and scoper kar98k, the other had a magnum and trench gun, another had ray gun and m1a1 carbine, i had browning and flamethrower

    (at level 75+ dump the ray gun though bcuz it doesnt kill them easily any farther than that)

  • skitzo

    and all glitches need to be patched there useless and bullshit and if you need a glitch to play nazi zombies then dont play nazi zombies bcuz ure a pathetic newb and diserve to be bitch slapped -.-

  • skitzo

    and if you hit the box when the question marks are dull yellow u have much better chance of getting a ray gun, flamethrower and browning/mg

    i usually get raygun flamethrower and browning withint first 4 trys and ppl yell at me for not taking the ray gun lol, after you play alot of nazi zombies the ray gun is like the colt, its an annoying piece of shit that doesnt deserve to be used =P

  • bassman

    A strategy for zombie mode w/ no glitching- open the room with the guns and use what you can get. but if you constantly get crappy guns just buy the Thompson and aim high. i hated this gun at first but stick with it and you’ll get used to it. shotguns are good only until about level 10 when it starts to take two shots. the best thing to do with a lot of people when the other room is open and the stairs in that room is open… spread out and keep moving. also, have a gun that you use and one for backup. (example- use shotgun or Thompson and in an emergency switch to a ray gun or big machine gun and mo ’em down. hope this helps. 🙂

  • bassman

    oh yeah…. my highest no glitch is 13

  • bob

    u guys all suck me (13) n my lil bro (7) can get 2 round 65 like nothing without any glitches at all

  • hobestly me and my brother got to 16 with just a ray gun and one of the big machine guns. we went throught the help door at about 5 then spent money till me got the guns we wanted then bought the stairs at about 8 or 9 then the when to the conor where the greneds are and set up shop and jsut went to town. we thought that it only went to 15 cuase that was what i was told so we were not ready for the net lever.

  • michael

    you guys are nerds get a life

  • michael

    and if you want to get to a high level unlock the upstairs then the others and kill

  • joey

    hey me and my bro made it to level 723 with me having m-g42 and raygun him having colt and a browning if u want to be my friend on x-box live u can. just send me a message so i can delete people i will help u get up in the hundred levels.

  • joey

    my tag is jd killerz

  • joey

    i did no glithes!

  • kaosNInja117

    You all suck. Some guys at my college got to level 28 WITH NO GLITCHES!!!

  • UnknOwNsRfr91

    everyone sucks. me and my buddy got to level 35 with no glitches. come on

  • cameron

    i made it to level 50 with no glitches and one mod that gives you all ray guns on natzi zonmbies. website is http://loyalkng.com/2009/06/15/cod-world-at-war-raygun-mod-created-provided-by-irishstorm-use-future-technology-kill-your-friends-today/
    and i know how to have ray guns on multiplaye on site http://loyalkng.com/category/call-of-duty/

  • cameron


  • cameron

    i know all the secrets

  • cameron

    if you do not open top and sit in mystery room you can defend door and defend windows

  • I made it to level 30 on nazi zombie on the 3rd map pack with no glitches and i had 30,000 points 1000 kills and 400 headshots. And, i had double shoots juggernog and sleight of hand and the bowie knife. and a fully upgraded PPSh-41 and Browning

  • Oh… I know im Beast, if u have a PS3 add me and we can play zombies. Gamertag: shadywarrior05

  • cameron

    ok ill add you shady warrior05

  • cameron

    enjoy unlimited ray gun ammo and ray gun on multiplayer

  • cameron

    sorry got links mixed

  • cameron

    i had gotton no deaths and one revive until level 50

  • Chuck Norris

    I counted to infinity…………twice

  • Chuck Norris

    iam easierly the best guy………….infinity once was hard but twice thats just good form

  • Zombie beast

    Glitches kinda ruin the fun with 3 other guys i got to 27 on der riese no glitching or upgraded weapons just pure skill

  • DEATHbringer566

    i can to round 22 by myself,i do not use glitches,but der riese is my favorite nazi zombie level. dont use glitches,show people you have skill, prove you can do it without glitches or cheating.

  • Zero

    k like how do i do the dam glitch?

  • Me

    I’m pretty sure all of the glitches mentioned in the post have been patched, the post is pretty old.

  • one of the other ways is to go upstairs where the trench gun is and sit in the end of that hall way and have one person guard one side or the barier and the other one guyard the other side you can also snip out that window. just dont unlock all of the doors and stairs.

  • austin

    dood this dont work but the 3 gun glitch does erase these except 3 gun glitch

  • AC Slater

    If you didn’t notice, this post was made almost a year ago, of course they don’t work anymore.

  • 100%Wood

    this shit is gay

  • reaper

    the glitch where you can get more than two guns in your inventory is awsome also with couch glitch ill try that one too !!!!!!!!!!!! these videos will help me alot in nazi zombies

  • Churro

    yo me nd a friend got 2 level 32 with out gliching, just pack a punch a ray gun nd hope u get a ammunition (took us bout 10 tries 2 get there tho)

  • the glictches with the weapons does work amd i have made it to leve twenty two with three people and no glichtes and i’m a female and i usualuy hav the most points too haha

  • Kamron

    Me and my friend got to round 24 without glitches, we go to the mystery box first then upstairs from there and go in the corner and just defend ourselfes but we both had ray guns when we got to round 24

  • ryan

    me and my freind made it to round 23 with no glitches with the pistol and kar

  • xXGoDXx666

    ive made 45 no glitches… its easy with 2 people upstairs in the back room

  • Ultimatedevil

    the glitches worked on the 1st map but not anymore lmao but on der riese i know of 1 or 2 in it … the name i am useing is my gamer tag so add me if anyone wishes

  • Deadeye18

    me and my friend got to level 37 without glitches and we didnt even used a ray gun until level 26 because truth be told the sawed off shotgun is still a one shot kill in close range…..remember that

    • BigLexgoCubs

      upgrade to sawed of shotgun next gun,it’s pretty sick

  • JKF

    Go to level Shi No Numa. Go down to the fishing hut, open the building, turn left, turn so you can see the barrels and a shi no numa map. Go straight at the barrels. Keep walking. After a few minutes the entire screen will turn white. You will continue to level up, the controls will work, but you won’t be able to see your gun.

    This was discovered by my 10 yr old son!

  • collin robert bartlett

    is there a gliches for zombie map 4 because i made it to round 29 no higher so is there a gliches to make it to the highest round ever

  • OMFG!!!

    My gamertag is BroodiestDoor25 and ifany1has an Xbox 360, can you please play wit me and add me as a friend bcuz No1 plays a match with me… I’ll play 2morrow @ 7:00 pm Alaskan time zone…

  • OMFG!!!

    I meant on Nazi Zombies (Nacht Der Untoten)

  • BigLexgoCubs

    I got to level 36 by myself then i killed myself with a grenade on accident then,two days later my brother gets to 43 by himself what a buzz kill right.

  • your face

    bunch of gay crap….

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