Call of Duty: World at War Gamestop Tournament

Looks like Gamestops around the country are hosting Call of Duty: World at War tournaments starting tomorrow. If you win the qualifiers you will be flown out to San Diego to compete in the finals on the USS Midway aircraft carrier, which me and the girlfriend visited when we were out there last year. I’m assuming you need to go to a Gamestop location in order to sign up, there is nothing on the official website about sign-ups. They do have a list of the participating stores, it’s not all of them so make sure you check the list or give our local store a call to find out more details like times, entry, etc. You must be at least 17 years old to enter though so I know that’s gonna suck for a lot of people.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to head to the local store to give it a shot, but if I do I have a feeling I’m going to get absolutely destroyed by some 12 year old with a fake ID saying he’s 17.

Gamestop Call of Duty