Call of Duty: World At War Beta Started

It looks as though Treyarch has started handing out tokens to the Call of Duty: World at War beta for the Xbox 360.

We’ve started testing our Xbox 360 Multiplayer BETA with friends and family. Things are going very well, which means your shot at playing the BETA is right around the corner! In the coming days, we’ll start bringing in more players from around the world to stress test our system. Just a hint, I’d keep my eye on over the next few days ;-). As members, you’ll be some of the first gamers we’ll be contacting for your help. There’ll be multiple waves of Xbox 360 Tokens being sent out, so don’t lose hope if you don’t get a token early on!

Just as a reminder, here’s how we’re selecting Xbox 360 BETA participants from the community:

  1. VIP members (former CharlieOscarDelta users / early sign-up’s)
    – If you are a former CharlieOscarDelta member, make sure you transfer your account!
  2. Community members based on when they created their accounts

And of course, if you pre-order a copy of CoD: WW at GameStop (and are in the U.S.) you have another chance to get your spot in the Xbox 360 MP BETA, so not to worry.
PC players, your BETA is coming up! Stay tuned and keep checking for updates coming shortly.

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion, what we want you to know is if you’ve already pre-ordered CoD: WW at GameStop (and are in the U.S.), you WILL get a 360 Multiplayer Beta code (they’re being sent out now). If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you still can pre-order to guarantee your Beta code through GameStop.

Hopefully I get a code in the next few days!