Call of Duty: World at War Beta Impressions

Update: I’m giving away a beta key to the PC Beta of World at War, Click here for details

Update: New game modes added and level cap upped.

I was lucky enough to get a beta key yesterday for the latest Call of Duty game, World at War. Now, I’m a huge fan of Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but I wasn’t such a huge fan of Call of Duty 3. In case you didn’t know, Infinity Ward is the studio that developed both CoD2 and CoD4, but in between those 2 they let a developer called Treyarch do CoD3. Now, I’ve heard rumors that Treyarch was rushed in doing part 3 and that’s why it was unpolished and just kind of shitty, but who knows, they could just be trying to make an excuse for a subpar game. Anyways, Treyarch are the ones that developed the latest, World at War, which had me a little leary at first. I didn’t want to go from another incredible Infinity Ward game to a subpar Treyarch version again. So how does the Multiplayer in World at War compare to Modern Warfare? Read the interview I did with myself after the jump. (Remember this is only a multiplayer beta, I can’t comment on the single player campaign).

Is World at War better than Treyarch’s last attempt with Call of Duty 3?

The multiplayer is indeed better than 3. The game uses the Call of Duty 4 engine, so there is a similar look and feel between 4 and 5. The extremely large levels with weird vehicles are gone, although there are vehicles in this one they don’t seem forced or over the top. The only level in the beta that has a vehicle only has 1 tank and 2 people can ride it, one being a gunner. The game just feels more like 4, than 3 felt to 2, if that makes sense.

How does World at War compare to Modern Warfare?

Honestly, I still prefer Modern Warfare. World at War has brought us back to World War 2, which is a big change after having some of the great modern guns, but the multiplayer is still fun. All of the perks and challenges aspect of multiplayer are still there. You still have to level up to gain new guns and things just like in 4, but they are a little different, of course, and there are more perks this time. You have 3 perks and a vehicle perk, which is kind of cool. There are still the “specials” for getting 3-5-7 kills in a row, however now, instead of an air strike at 5 kills, you get artillery which is basically giant guns that shoot bombs (someone correct me on what these things actually are), and when you get 7 kills in a row, instead of helicopters you get dogs (3 or 4 of them). The dogs are kind of cool, they appear at your spawn and start running throughout the level, attacking the enemy team and yes the enemy can shoot the dogs to kill them. The only thing I don’t like about the dogs is it’s hard to tell if they are your teams dogs or not, so you don’t know whether or not to shoot them. But overall, at this point anyways, I still prefer Modern Warfare over this one, but I will be buying this one too.

What are the different gametypes in multiplayer?

Since I’m not at home in front of it right now this is going by memory.

The first one is “War” which is really cool actually, I think there was a mode like this in Battlefield 2, but I’m not sure. And apparently this game mode was in Call of Duty 3, I just didn’t play it enough or remember that it was there, my bad (Thanks Ken). There are 5 flags, each team already controls 2 of them and the middle one is up for grabs, you must capture that flag and then move forward and take over the enemies next flag, and so forth, until you’ve captured all of the flags. It’s actually really fun, and there’s this thing called Momentum, where if you are on a roll capturing flags, it makes your guys a little faster runners and capturers.

Next is “Capture The Flag” which is your basic capture the flag game. Each team has a flag and you have to run and grab it and return it to your base to get a point.

“Team Deathmatch” and “Open Team Deathmatch” are next, nothing special here except “Open TDM” doesn’t allow parties.

“Free-For-All” is the last one, and it’s just every man for himself, pretty simple.

How are the maps?

There are only 3 levels in the beta (I believe) and they aren’t bad. I can’t think of the actual names of the levels right now, but in one of them you’re outside in what resembles a refugee camp out of rambo. It’s right near the water and it’s a medium sized map. The next map is a japanes map. It’s at sort of a temple type place with a few buildings to go in and a nice size courtyard to run around outside. It’s also probably a medium sized map. And the last level is kind of a run down industrial area/train yard and it’s quite large and confusing. Overall I’m not impressed with the map design for some reason. The maps seem cluttered with stuff and that makes them seem kind of small compared to the maps in Modern Warfare. Obviously I haven’t had time to figure out where everything is on the maps so I don’t know good hiding spots, etc, but they just don’t seem to have the great design that the Modern Warfare maps have. Also, the spawn points are horrible, it seems like you’re getting killed a lot as soon as you spawn. I know I’ve only seen the beta maps, but I hope the retail ones are a little better than these.

Is there prestige mode?

Yes, if you want to get the fancy little icons by hitting prestige mode you can do that. I’m not sure how many levels of prestige are in this one or even what the highest level you can achieve is, the beta only goes up to level 11.

Is there something like the red dot?

Yes. For those that don’t know, in Modern Warfare, if you completed a challenge for a specific gun it would unlock different sights and scopes for that gun, one of them being the red dot sight. The red dot sight is basically a clear piece of glass with a red dot in the middle, which you would use instead of the normal sight on the gun. It provides a clear image of everything in front of you, so nothing is blocked by the gun or the sight itself, and it allowed for better accuracy (I think). Now being that we’re back in World War 2, obviously they didn’t have a “red dot sight”, but they did have the equivalent which is basically a crosshair on a piece of glass with a dot in the middle. Exact same idea, it’s just not red I guess.

I heard there’s a new special grenade?

That there is, it’s a poison gas grenade. I believe it took the place of the stun grenade from CoD4. It’s basically exactly like it sounds, you throw it, it expells poison gas and makes anyone that walks into it lose vision for a second, the screen blurs and goes black and white and you just become “stunned” for a lack of a better term. And yes, you can poison your own teammates, which I learned last night haha.

These are the only major questions I can think to ask myself right now, but if anyone has questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them.

Overall I’m happy with what the beta is showing me right now. It’s no Modern Warfare, but it’s better than Call of Duty 3 and it is a lot of fun to play online. Do I think it will make people drop part 4 and move to 5, definitely not. So all of you that are worried that there won’t be as many people online playing CoD4 once this comes out, don’t worry, there will still be plenty of people playing… I’ll be one of them.