You can stop wondering when Treyarch will release new maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops. They made an official announcement tonight on Major Nelson’s podcast (29:10 – 36:44). They gave us a pretty good amount of information so lets get right to it.

The map pack will be called First Strike and will be released on February 1st, 2011 on the Xbox 360 for 1200 Microsoft Points. It will include 4 brand new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map.

Come discuss your favorite Black Ops Loadouts, maps, strategies, tips and tricks on our forum!

Multiplayer Maps

Discovery – Antarctic Research Center
Kowloon – Taken from the single player game, this is a rooftop map.
Berlin Wall – Takes place in Berlin… don’t know much else about it.
Stadium – Hockey stadium in the Northeast United States.

Zombie Map

Ascension – They couldn’t give out any information regarding this map so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what it brings.

So there you go, 4 new multiplayer maps and 1 new zombie map in the new “First Strike” Map Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. And yes, if you’re on PC or PS3 you’ll have to wait longer to get the maps as Activision has an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to give them all the DLC first. We’ll keep you updated on when an official date for those platforms is made available. And if anyone has any other information regarding these new maps please let us know.

Update 1/17/11: The first preview video for the First Strike Map Pack DLC has been released, check it out here!

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  • xperrix

    I must say I like the information ur posting on this wall 🙂

  • jesse singh

    ummhh reallly like the post anything else you here about cod black ops would be appreciated thank you.



    • jesse singh

      STOP WHAT!!!

    • THE MAP PACK SUX!!!!!!11

  • Nintedo Wii Gamer

    What about the wii no one ever says anything about the wii AHHHHHH why are we allways left out we dont even have the zombie map Five i mean like come on i payed good money and i didnt pay to be left OOUUUTTTT AHHHHHH >.<

    • jesse singh

      get xbox all your troubles will pass away

      • suade94

        “all your troubles will pass away”
        Just like an xbox will. I’m excited at the possibility of wii dlc. They need to do it before conduit 2 does.


        xBOX SUX

        • Hayman Brendon

          Well, Thats not necicarily, true, your speaking from a very 1 sided argument, In my oppinion,

          Xbox 360=Best Gameplay
          Ps3= Best Graphics (by far)
          Wii= Most real out of the other systems, (before the kinect and move, which were corny knock off of eachother,

    • [U$] BIG-MAC

      wii is gud so y dnt they giv us map packs 4 free

    • juniortheman13

      they are goin to give the wii a mappack but you will need wiipoints and the game. but we might get the mappacks after all of the other systems get it, so just wait.

      • tiediealien

        Dude, how do you know it will be for wii? If you have any information on it, plz send me a message back.

        • Effcoshing

          It says in the manual on page 7 that there will be DLC for the Wii version.

      • tiediealien

        Hey if anyone has any information on First Strike
        for WII, Plz message me back on this site, or you can find me on Youtube. My Username on
        Youtube is tiediealien. Thank You People!

      • ROOKY

        do you know when it is comeing

    • proudtoplaywii

      i know bro! i have a wii too and it makes me mad that were left out! i really hope the map pack is for the wii too. btw whats ur name in the game?

      • god from blackops wii

        I sure hope they make those map packs for the wii, this is rediculous we are always left out!!!
        If you here anything on it let me know and if ya wanna play zombies or blackops name is god

    • Okay

      Who cares about the wii to me i think its more of a kids console just get a xbox360 and you never have to worry.

      • Tyler

        dude xbox can suck it wii and ps3 are free wich meens xbox is a pease of shit

    • Wii Hater 2011

      It is because wii is gay. And people who use wii is really really gay. Your so gay get an xbox or a ps3 pune. Don’t be gay.

      • black dynamite

        wii is not gay. xbox may have better stuff, but they always leave wii out. no camera spikes,no chopper, v rockets, and gunship. realy? they just crap on the wii, wii is not gay! if wii does not get first sttrike i will die. they always leave wii out! it is r-tarded.

      • Hayman Brendon

        Actually, more people baught black ops for the wii then ps3, (right behind xbox 360) And you wana know why?

        because the wii is
        A. cheaper
        B. Its a family system, and is older,
        C. Has the most realistic gameplay,

        Look it up,

      • Boystylli

        Wii Is good but have no map packs which makes it the worst at the moment. ps3 has good graphics but thats pretty much it and xbox wins by far and is defently the best although u needa pay for xbox live it is a much better online. (i have a wii and i can admit xbox is better)

      • Suck my WiiNer

        only homosexuals use the term gay…wii is awesome…it may have crappy graphics but when i snipe your a** i can just point and click…i dont have to drag a f***ing cursor across the screen

      • Grinch227

        Actually it’s not the gay…and it’s got the most realistic way to aim and shoot

    • Kirk

      i agree man! we the wii gamers don’t get any credit like ever!

    • Bryantkarner

      i agree

  • P.C.O.1188

    im looking forward so stadium

  • [U$] BIG-MAC

    wii is my FAVORITE game system and they should add map packs cuz wii needs sum RESPECT and by da way im 11 yrs old

    • yea…

      Hey man, learn to speak proper english or at least proper grammar and the wii sucks, i understand that with your 11 years old you still like mario and stuff but go buy an XBOX if you want map packs…



    • Wii Rocks

      Your wrong, the whole point of this webpage is Black Ops. Lone and behold; Black Ops is like the only game with headset support. A headset was designed just for the game. In addition, there are tons of Wii games with wii speak, which has better sound quality than the standard Xbox 360 headset. So don’t put stuff on the internet if you don’t know it’s true! Besides people get wiis for casual gaming not getting home from work going to your crappy apartment and playing X Box and eating greasy pizza all night. Look at game console sales once and a while, Wii sells best! Looky there, I just wrote an entire paragraph with out writing false information or being bias. PS3 and 360 are equal, Wii cannot be compared as it is different!

      • black dynamite

        so right. oh and it says on the 7th page of the manual aboput the map packs, and store. oh and the guy who said 11 year olds still like mario and gameboys, you suck! and you are so rong im 11 an di hate mario and gay agmes like that. wii rules! wii rules! my name on black ops is Black Dynamite.

  • 3arc

    no affence but how can wii suck im i have had one since the day it came out and what do you know It Still Fucking Work (can’t say the same for the 3 xbox 360’s i’ve had) and honestly for all you next gen graphics freaks my alien ware area 51 pc can run black ops all day every day no error e 74 to get in the rrod no lag (no my end any way) and for Ps3!!! not to bad best console sony’s ever made. P.s my 360 went out my window 4 months ago suggest YOU do the same and i wrote this using my NINTENDO WII lets a 360 do that then.

    • AC Slater

      I got a Wii when it first came out, played it for a week, it sat for a while only getting use when people would come over… then it broke. It will no longer eject the disk that is stuck in the machine and is a worthless paperweight, more-so than it was when it actually worked. The Wii is not a bad system, but it caters to a different demographic than the Xbox 360 and the PS3 do. I personally think the “motion gaming” is crap and would much rather use a keyboard/mouse or a controller over a wii-mote, kinect or Move… but to each his own, if you like the Wii good for you, I’m glad someone’s getting some use out of theirs.

      • 3arc

        that sucks slater but does it still play the game? (i fix xbox 360’s for a hobby beats sending tidal microsoft and waiting 4-6 weeks) i know alot about fixing nintendo wiis even though i never have had to fix one oh and a warning to ps3 fans if something goes wrong with yours your screwed i mean literally screwed flog it on ebay or somethin cuzz unless your a computer U R F**KED…

        • AC Slater

          It won’t read games anymore, no. I deducted that it was the drive motor so I ordered one from China, but when it got here I realized I needed an extremely small Torx wrench which I did not have, so it’s been sitting broken in the closet for probably a year now. It’s not a big loss as I never really played it anyways.

          • 3arc

            if you want one look on ebay they are dirt cheap and they are called a y wing screwdriver a torx srew wont work on a wii

          • AC Slater

            I have the Y-wing for the external screws, but I’m pretty sure when I got to the actual drive motor it required an extremely small torx wrench… or it could have been a really small y-wing… either way I don’t have the tool

  • 3arc

    and my name on black ops for THE WII is 3arc unlock for people who have a good console that is (excluding ps3 cuzz it is an alright console).

    • ~SZT~Sureal

      Hey 3arc, Im interested in having you in my clan and if you are intested i need your AC(Ally Code)and an extra incentive for joining is that i will give you the power to recruit other members. It is free, alls you need to do is prove yourself to me and my friend(~SZT~Delta2k0) by going at least even in a private match against us. Thanks, please reply.

  • 30/6

    FUCK XBOX AND PS3 they copyed off of nintendo and if they dont come out with a map pack or sumthing for black ops on wii i will never buy a cod game ever they riped me off on word at war no FUCKING ZOMBIES and they gave us the shity one on black ops……….

    • AC Slater

      I’m curious as to how they copied off Nintendo?

    • 3arc unlock

      if your on about 360 kineket then your wrong they have been plannig it before the xbox was even made (and thats the old xbox not 360) not so sure about the ps3 though???

    • Wii Rocks

      You must be pretty stupid not to know that the F-Word is profanity, and should not be written on a public website! Some people are offended by saying “F@&K!”

      • AC Slater

        I’m sorry, but if you’re offended by the “F word” you probably shouldn’t be reading this site in the first place…

  • Theo

    Just to let you all know, no where does it say anything about a mappack for the PS3.

    • AC Slater

      It’ll most likely come out about a month after the Xbox 360 one. There’s no way they would NOT release the Map pack on the PS3 eventually.

  • Cody

    Man they are pissing me off by ignoring the wii the wii is a good game if they wouldnt of cared they wouldnt of made the damn thing they needto make a dlc map pack why not and for the ppl who say nobody plays on the wii i was playing today and there was around 75 000 ppl online so suck on that bitchs

  • Hockeybro

    I mean I like the Wii and everything, but Treyarch doesn’t wanna waste money on making a separate version that fits the Wii graphics….so, they may not even make one.


    Ah crud if this is true I SHALL BUY WII POINTS………………..If my parents allow it -_-

  • WHAAAA!!! UR GAY!!!

    Personaly i love wii BO its fun and it isnt as hard to aim in on headshots(unless u suck)But i really do think that wii needs to come out with DLC or else im done with wii and im gettin a PS3!! PS. XBOX USERS ARE A BUNCH OF FAGS!!!

  • toneke

    my name is toneke [on wii] i kan’t wait for the mappack bet were do you gotte buy it?

    • ~SZT~Sureal

      Hey read my post, My name on here is “JOIN MY CLAN FOR FREE” Im interested in having you in my clan and if you are intested i need your AC(Ally Code)and an extra incentive for joining is that i will give you the power to recruit other members. It is free, alls you need to do is prove yourself to me and my friend(~SZT~Delta2k0) by going at least even in a private match against us. Thanks, please reply.

      • AC Slater

        I’m not sure what an Ally Code is…. I play on Xbox 360, but I’m not really looking to join a clan. The “clan” I’m in is really just me and a few buddies… thanks for the offer though.

        • ~SZT~Sureal

          Well on Wii instead of a GT you have an Ally code which you give to your friends and they enter it in to submit a friend request. An ally code is a series of 12 numbers for example: 1234-5678-9012. But in Black ops wii tried to experament with the whole thing about playing with someone and then sending the person a request with out them needing to know your Ally Code, which is a good thing because in previous Call of Duty’s for wii, You couldnt just friend anybody…you could only be their friend by knowing there ally code. Great Job Wii for doing something good!!

  • toneke

    stop sperma ab neke klik

  • austin


    • they said at the wii shop center but if u dont have the internet set up u cnt do it and you need wii points you can buy them at gamestop or at any place tht sells games i think walmaryt has them if you live near 1 but it will cost 1500 wii points so by the 2000 wii points card for 20 bucks and then you will have 500 points to spare if i were u i would save the points for the next map pack if we get it/…… glad to help and if you want more add me as a friend on youtube and i will give you my friend code on youtube but ADD ME AND SUBSCRIBE glad to help… philly 97

      • Insert name here

        Does anyone know if there is a way to buy 1500 wii points without having to pay 20 bucks for the 2000 point card?

  • ZAch

    Do they have it for wii? does anyone kno, please reply to this. Thanks!!!!!!

    • my friend said yes and when i was playing on cod with my other friend (he lives in CA) and his neibor works at the place where they make the games and he said tht were r get the map pack the same time ps3 and pc get it and he said tht we r get the classic maps and five for free but i dont knw aout that but it is comming lets hope

  • Jhicks

    Okay I am a current Wii user and always will be. I enjoy playing on xbox and ps3 but xbox’s have a history of being a less than quality product. Granted they can be fixed, but honestly if you take care of any of the console’s none of them should break. Xbox’s get a bad rap for being crappy because people mistreat them. Also wii in my opinion is a great console its a console that has a wide variety of games espically for kids and adults. One more thing for the people who say wii players suck at black ops be my guest and play.. i gurantee you will suck. Wii is way harder to use than a controller. I go over to my friends house and granted i am not as good as my 2.08 ratio on my wii i can get even every game.

    • 3arc unlock

      have you ever considerd a classic controller i have a wireless one it only gets used on zombies oh and yea you are right if ps3 or 360 gamers played on wii i would have to watch the get their ass`s kicked cuzz it is at least twice as hard and my first 360 broke in less than 2 weeks a less common fault than rrod the disk reader wouldn`t work
      microsft wanted ME 2 pay to fix it!!!! so i sold it

  • Pejuangdje

    If treyarc can make money then the dlc will come most likely to the Wii.

  • Join my clan for free

    Hey guys my name is ~SZT~Sureal(on the Wii) so if anybody….i mean anybody wants to join my clan please feel free to send me an E-mail and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Our clan consists of 5 people all will K/D’s of at least 1.75 SO our clan is good no doubt.”SZT” stands for ” Sub-Zero Temperatures….we thought it was cool so yeah. Every once and a while i will preform hacked lobbys (no not xp sorry) but like unlimited ammo, grenade bullets lobbies and so on. So if you are in need of a GOOD clan we are always looking to recruit so thanks and hope to hear from you soon. By the way i need your Ally code for Black ops so email me.

    • Adam!

      Whats your email? I am interested in joining, so shot me an email: and let me know any details. My name is [DER]Furher

      • Join my clan for free

        My E-Mail is but ill email and give your more details. Thx

    • carlo

      i to want to join i to plays it on the wii my name is karel (in black ops) and want to join in a clan

      • Join my clan for free

        ok but you need to emAIL me thanks

  • heavygunner(on wii)

    wii rules. i agree, tht they copied off us bcuz nintendo waz the first video game SYSTEM ever made! we all payed up to 50 bucks for this and htey dont even give us “five”? this sucks. im getting a ps3 in march for my birthday so i dont have to be riopped off such as this again. the only game that i played where we werent ripped off was goldeneye 007. thats bcuz it was exclusively for wii so they would devote all their time to wii. i think they should make a cod exclusively for wii so they could forgive us.

    • ~SZT~Sureal

      you wanna join my clan?

  • Sneakysnake23

    Hey I have a wii I love playing cod black ops and I hate how people give us crap about the wii hey I want to join your clan

  • Leo

    Wii is awsome! Yes! Graphics are down! But what makes it great is the motion! It fells like you have a real gun in your hand! Its what makes it great! And i do have a 360 and a ps3 i have black OPS 4 all systems! and trust me! Im always in first place when i play in all the systems! And no! Im not a no life! I have a girlfriend and i can drive my dads car to take her anywhere! Soo any way! My name is Leo in the Wii! Sooo watch out! dont get scare! I can woop yall in a game and on real life! Don’t mess with me cause I will find you!

    • black dynamite

      i played with you the other day. my name is black dynamite

  • [SSG]Mr.Waffles

    If there isnt a map pack 4 wii i will shoot someone

  • Akossiwaahonda

    do they have it for wii yet

  • zombiekiller

    i like the perks they added to the zombie mode

  • HomendeFerro

    can i use my sharp shooter motion on first strike?
    is there any possible way to play call of duty with the machine gun motion?? or they gonna put some thing up that gonna let us use the motion?

  • pist off no new maps

    godd please people we need more map packs for wii im tired of the wii its boring no new map for black ops

  • Jacmohr

    What I really want to know is when will wii get more zombie maps

  • Kyle

    what about wii maps

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