Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details Leak (or not)

call of duty black ops 2 multiplayer leaked information perks killstreaks

call of duty black ops 2 multiplayer leaked information perks killstreaks

A document leaked a little while ago that included details surrounding Black Ops 2’s single player and multiplayer aspects, but everyone just took it as a hoax and moved on. But now with the release of the multiplayer gameplay trailer and the introduction of some of the new weapons, people are starting to take notice of that leaked document again. You can find the full document here, but for this post we’re just going to focus on the multiplayer aspects of the leak as that’s what most people are interested in.

Remember: take all of this with a grain of salt as there’s a good chance it’s not true. I say this because I thought there was a report that said the RC-XD would not return in Black Ops 2, but it’s definitely on this list, but either way, here we go.

You can now make a class based on how much equipment you have, rather than having to choose stuff you don’t ever use. For example, it is possible to have 6 perks if you choose to not carry a primary or secondary weapon (you will have just a knife). If you choose to pick a primary gun, it will say you need to replace one of those perks. If you don’t like any perks, you can add more features to your primary or secondary.

This is an interesting idea and I like it! Personally I use most of the varied equipment that I have assigned to my classes during a round, but it would be cool to be able to create more customizable classes based on your style of play.

Live Streaming – Black Ops 2 will now have a live streaming feature built right in. You can automatically stream your gameplay over the internet easily. You would require a camera though for the feature that shows your face. This may or may not work with Kinect.

Cool idea for those people that like to stream their matches live to the internet. I can see us using this on to showcase our made [MEN] clan skills, but for the normal person I don’t think this is a make or break addition. It would definitely be a cool feature for our friends at Berserk Hippo to stream their Gameathon that they do every year though. Maybe we’ll do a 24-hour Black Ops 2 Fundraiser to raise funds for pizza and beer when the game launches…

Dedicated servers: Black ops 2 will now feature deticated servers, so now you wont have to worry about host migrations when someone leaves the match.

I’m pretty sure this has already been confirmed by Treyarch themselves, so nothing new here, but good news.

Primary Weapons

Assault Shield – Same as the riot shield in MW3, but can be placed on the ground standing up, so it can give the player some cover while using their other weapon.
SCAR assault rifle
Vector K10 SMG
Ballistic Knife
AS-50 sniper rifle
Storm PSR – Shown in the E3demo.
Crossbow with explosive tip
Note: There are no noob tubes (grenade launchers) in this game

Secondary Weapons

Barreta burst pistol
RPG – with an updated futuristic look
Stinger Missile

Lethal Grenades

Combat Axe – Same as the tomahawk in Black Ops 1.

Tactical Grenades

Tazer Spike – An electronic device thrown on the ground or the wall.
Tactical insert

Based on the multiplayer gameplay trailer we know that the Assault Shield is real and the new RPG is definitely upgraded with a more futuristic look. In terms of the other weapons though, your guess is as good as mine. I will say that I really like the note at the bottom of the primary weapons in that there are no noob tubes in the game… we’ll see if that rings true. And as far as the grenades go, we can clearly see the Tazer Spike in the MP trailer.

Multiplayer Maps (only some)

Cargo / Dockside – Play through a Singapore shipping yard. Same as the strikeforce mission in single player
Aftermath – Play through some ruins of Los Angeles.
Hijacked – A close quarter map that takes place on a Yacht.
Slums – Play though slums in panama.
Drone – Play through a complex with docked aerial drones.
Power plant – Play through a Pakistan power plant.
Nightclub – Play in a nightclub from the Al Jinan single player campaign .
Overflow – Takes place in Pakistan on in a business district.
Carrier – Takes place on an aircraft carrier U.S.S. Barack Obama from single player.
Turbine – Takes place in Yemen in a valley with crashed windmills.
Yemen – Takes place in suburban Yemen with close quarter buildings.

Well the multiplayer gameplay trailer definitely shows us “Turbine”, the map in a desert setting with a bunch of crashed windmills ( also confirmed in the trailer after the “Black Ops 2 title screen”) as well as “Cargo/Dockside”, the map that takes place in a shipping yard. The trailer also shows a map that could be “Aftermath” as it looks like the ruins of an American city, but it’s hard to tell. It looks like either “Slums” or “Yemen” could be featured in the trailer as well (1:35). So based on what we’ve seen in the MP trailer, these could be a legit sample of the maps we’ll see in the final game.


Ghost– No information
Fast Hands – Swap weapons faster and throw grenades faster.
Dexterity– Climb obstacles faster
Lightweight– Either run faster, or run longer.. not much info on that.
Flak Jacket – Same as in Black Ops 1.
Tactical mask – Resistant against flash bangs, concussion grenades, spikes, emp grnades
Cold blooded –No information

No Last Stand

I’m guessing this is just a sample of the perks available or at least I’m hoping as I don’t see my baby, Sleight of Hand, anywhere on the list… Not a whole lot new in this category other than the fact that this person claims there will be no last stand in this game… we’ll see.


UAV – Standard COD killstreak
Care Package – Standard COD kill streak
RC-XD – Same that was in Black Ops 1. Remotely control an RC car with explosives on it.
Microwave Turret – Place this on the on the ground to trap enemies in a wave of microwave energy. If the enemy is in it for too long, they die.
Death Machine – Same killstream from Black Ops 1.
Hellstorm Missile– Same to the Predator missle in MW3, except it can deploy a cluster bomb before impact if the player wishes.
Multiple grenade launcher – A rapid fire grenade launcher.
QR Drone – Control a quadrotor, flying through the map, shooting enemies.
AI Tank – Similar to the assault drone in MW3
Sentry Gun – Your typical COD sentry gun. Can remotely control it.
Orbital VSAT – Similar to the Advanced UAV in MW3, but cannot be shot down, and has the enemies painted on minimap. Their position and directional information is shown in real time.
Single Seeker Drone – Launch a single seeker drone that flies into the air and seeks out the nearest enemy and kills them.
EMP – Same as in MW3
Helicopter Gunner – Control a helicopter gunner. Includes feature to move across map when player wishes to change position.
Lodestar – A plane that flies over the map. Player can control it shooting rockets down at the enemies.
Helicopter Escort – Have a helicopter that follows you from above, shooting enemy players.
Attack Dogs – Same kill streak from Black Ops 1.
Drone Swarm –The top killstreak. Call in a swam of drones overhead that will seek out and kill enemies.

Ahh the killstreaks, let’s take a look here. This is where the whole list gets called into question as I thought there were reports that the RC-XD was not making an appearance in this game, but that being said, there are some new killstreaks on this list that can be seen in the multiplayer gameplay trailer. The “Microwave Turret” is present in the MP trailer and looks like a pretty lethal turret if placed in the right spot. We know the “QR Drone” is in the game as it’s been teased for months now by Treyarch themselves. The “AI Tank” can be seen wreaking havoc in the MP trailer as well, and it seems we also get a glimpse of the “Drone Swarm”.

So there you have it, all of the supposed leaked information surrounding Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s multiplayer. There is a lot more information in the document pertaining to the single player campaign and very little information about the zombie mode (really the only thing is if you die you get to play as a zombie in first person). We may post that information later, but for now we’re just going to focus on these multiplayer rumors and not spoil the campaign for those that want to be surprised when the play it.