Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Strategies and Tips

Here’s a little strategy guide for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer. I’m only writing this cause a friend of mine is having a hard time getting more kills than deaths in a match and doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong. So I decided to take maps of every level and put different spots where people seem to hide and where are good places to place claymores and which routes to take to different spots on domination, etc. These are just my personal strategies so they may not work or be good for everyone, but they seem to work for me and I always seem to be near the top of the leaderboard when I play. So after the jump I’ve posted my marked up maps along with a little explaination of what Ive found works best (for me).

Ambush: On this map the first thing people are going to do is run to the red boxes and throw grenades across to the other side. Usually these grenades land in the middle sections but sometimes people run up the sides and throw grenades, so watch out. Sometimes on this level I’ll snipe, but most of the time I’ll use my regular gun with the red dot. I like to sit in the building just above “A” on the right side of the map, I’ll set a claymore at the top of the stairs so anyone coming up the stairs get’s blown up, or at least I can hear them coming. From here you can see most of the hiding/sniping spots on the other side of the map, but be careful because it’s known as a sniping spot so people look up here first when running around the corner, but if they dont have a scope its hard to see anyone up there, so don’t move around a lot. And just the same, if you are coming up from the side opposite of this building, I always fire a few shots into it to make sure there’s nobody up there. Other than that, you can see the spots above where people tend to hide and snipe, you can use these spots as well, but mainly watch out for other people hiding there. As for domination, whenever you’re playing that game mode, always run for B first. In this case it’s a little hard since it’s ‘nade fest right around B so be careful, but all other maps, run straight for B. Chances are your teammates are going to just try to get the closest flag to them so if you run to B you should be able to grab it before the other team gets there.

Backlot: My favorite spot in this map is at the very top of the image above. I place 2 claymores, one just inside the stairs on the left and then one at the very top of the stairs on the other side. Make sure you angle them a bit because there is a delay from when the claymore triggers to when it actually explodes and people can run past them before then get killed. There are a few good sniping spots here if you lay down and inch towards the openings, but it’s easy to get killed by grenades that people randomly throw up there, but the stairs on the left side provide a good spot to shoot people. You can see anyone running from “C” towards the rest of the map.  As far as domination goes, obviously it’s fastest to just grab “A” or “C” depending on where you spawn, but it’s best to try to get “B” as fast as you can. I’ve found the routes I’ve posted above usually give me good luck since it keeps you out of the main blast area of random grenades that get thrown at the start. Also try to avoid sniping on the top of the little square building in the middle and the construction zone, as people look for you there often and it’s hard to setup good claymores to catch people coming up those stairs.