Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Impressions (Based on Videos)

black ops 2 multiplayer impressions

black ops 2 multiplayer impressions

Last week Treyarch and Microsoft live streamed a bunch of Call of Duty Black Op 2 multiplayer footage from Gamescom 2012. I figured this was a good time to point out some of the things I’ve seen that I like and some of the things that I don’t like. So let’s dive in and see what Black Ops 2 is all about.


  • Dolphin Dive is back. I didn’t think I’d like it when it was introduced in Black Ops, but the dolphin dive became a huge part of my strategy and it was severely missed when it disappeared in MW3.
  • Score Streak System – Similar to MW3’s “Point Streak System” rather than the old Killstreak System, the new Score Streak System rewards players for not only kills and captures, but assists as well. You even get assist points for having a UAV in the air while your teammates are killing people, which is pretty cool. I haven’t seen anything regarding what score you need to reach in order to gain certain rewards, but I’m sure we’ll see that info soon.
  • Multi-Team Team Deathmatch – up to 18 players on more than 2 teams battling it out at the same time… this sounds awesome. Most of the videos shown before were teams 3, so 6 teams of 3 players at the same time sounds like a blast.
  • Round Based Domination – Instead of a round being determined by which side you start on, teams will no flip sides halfway through the game and continue from their current score toward the end goal of 300. This is awesome. There were some maps where it almost seemed as if you couldn’t win a match if you started on a certain side due to the obstacles in your way in regards to the ‘B’ spot, but this should combat that.
  • Ghost only works if you’re moving – YES! Basically this tries to keep campers from just sitting around. In order for the Ghost perk to keep you off the radar, you must be moving.
  • New Class System – Instead of having specific slots where you had to choose a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, perk 1, 2, 3, etc… you are now given 10 points to spend on a loadout however you want. You can give yourself all sorts of perks and equipment and no primary weapon if that’s how you choose to spend the points. There are also wild card slots that allow you to do things like 3 attachments on a weapon, or 2 perks in the same perk slot. There are almost endless ways to configure your loadout now.
  • CODcasting – The ability to live stream games and provide commentary like a sporting event. This feature is going to be huge in the attempt to make eSports more mainstream.
  • Nerfed Quick Scoping – Just like in Black Ops, the sniper rifles will not automatically center on a player when zoomed in. This is to try and combat quick scoping, which I’m thankful for. Sniper rifles are meant to be used at a distance, not to run around and one-shot-kill everyone from 2 feet away. I know a lot of people don’t like that Treyarch did this last time, but I sure do.

Unsure Of

  • Certain gun attachments – Their names escape me at the moment, but there are going to be a couple new gun attachments that I’m a little unsure of. One is basically like the Marksman perk, where it allows you to see enemies at a greater distance, but it basically paints them red in your scope. The other is a sort of x-ray scope that allows you to see people through walls if they aren’t moving (I believe). I get the point of that one, as it is supposed to help with the camping issue, but I’m a little unsure about it. It’s kind of like Treyarch decided to add an in-game wall hack…
  • 2025 setting – I like the idea of things being in the future, I think it’s interesting and the natural progression of the game. It’s definitely better than WWII. But I’m worried that these future weapons will be too high tech and too powerful and will throw off the way we play the game. I have no doubt that everything will be well balanced as it was in Black Ops, but I guess we’ll just have to see.
  • No Sleight of Hand? – I didn’t see any sleight of hand perk, but I’m hoping it’s still in the game as a gun attachment. Treyarch has said that in order to modify gun stats you will have to use attachments rather than Perks, so I’m hoping faster reload is one of those attachments. Actually, it would be much better if it was an attachment and not a perk as I could then use something else it it’s perk slot.
So those are my likes and concerns regarding Call of Duty Black Ops 2. As you can obviously tell, I’m not that worried about the game being bad as I’m a huge fan of Black Ops as opposed to Modern Warfare 3. It’s funny how I’m now a Treyarch fan vs. an Infinity Ward fan, when it used to be the other way around. The guys at Treyarch really stepped up their game with Black Ops and brought the momentum to their studio rather than Infinity Ward, especially when Infinity Ward basically just reskinned Modern Warfare 2 and released it as Modern Warfare 3. So we’ve already pre-ordered our copy of the game (can’t miss out on Nuketown 2025) and are itching to play. I’ve logged just shy of twice as many hours on Black Ops as I have on MW3, so needless to say, I’m excited.