battlefield play4free beta

Update: Contest has ended and the winner has been notified, thanks to all that entered.

I woke up this morning with a special surprise in my inbox, a redemption key for the Battlefield Play4Free closed beta for the PC, but since I don’t have a PC I figured I shouldn’t let it go to waste… so I’m giving it away. This is PC ONLY, so it’s not Xbox 360, it’s not PS3 and it won’t work on a Mac (which is my issue). So before you enter to win make sure that you have a PC that is capable of handling todays games. I don’t know the exact system requirements, but if you’re able to run Call of Duty: Black Ops I think you should be fine.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run a twitter contest or a comment contest, so basically I’m going to do both and give everyone 2 chances to win.

How To Win:

1. Follow @acslaterX on Twitter and tweet “I entered to win a Battlefield Play4Free Beta Code, , #acslaterBF , RT to enter!”

2. Comment on this post and tell me which you prefer, Battlefield games or Call of Duty games and why. (make sure to use your real email when commenting so I know who to send the code to, don’t worry I’m the only one that can see them)

And that’s it! 2 ways to win the Battlefield Play4free beta code. I will draw a random winner later tonight (12/17/10) as long as at least 25 entries are received, otherwise I will hold out and do the drawing on Sunday morning 12/19/10.

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  • The Toast Monster

    I prefer the CoD games for the most part, thats because im partial to them from my old days as a tester for Activision…

    MoA is definitely up and coming tho, got an eye out on those bitches

  • It’s a hard call between Battlefield and Call of Duty. In general, I play more BF so that would be my favorite, but I do love to play the single player in CoD.

    My vote is for: Battlefield

  • in the past i liked cod games, but now i want to play all battlefields so i prefer battlefield

  • Max

    I honestly prefer CoD. The movement in CoD just feels smoother. Also, there are a lot more game types (single player, spec ops, zombies, MULTIPLAYER…)

  • Pfunk

    I prefer the Battlefield game series to the Call of Duty series because of the sheer scope of the battles. In CoD you are in very close quarters and it doesn’t seem there isn’t much you can do aside from sprint around and knife people or camp a door hoping someone comes through.

    With Battlefield the entire experience is on a whole new level. The maps are so much larger, there is so much you can do. Do you want to be the sniper in the woods radioing in enemy positions and calling mortar strikes, do you want to be the engineer with the vehicles keeping the armored fist of your team strong, the medic healing and reviving your teammates to keep the assault moving, or the assault class providing support with a heavy rain of grendades and keeping your teams ammo well stocked. You have the choice to be ground infantry, fly a helicopter, drive a tank, pilot a uav. There are so many choices not to even mention the class customization.
    There are so many weapons for each class and so many different abilities you have there is no problem something that works for you.

    While i do enjoy the CoD series for its fast paced action, I have to say I prefer Battlefield by far, mainly because of the sheer size and immersion of the gameplay.

  • Absolut

    Unfortunately, I only had the chance to play Call of Duty Multiplayer games so far, and that’s why I can’t have strong opinion about it, but Call of Duty is very engaging and addictive. Modern Warfare 2 specially, but when this Battlefield comes out (Play4Free) i will sure play it and then I cueld have a stronger opinion on which one i like the most.

    But for now CoD is the definite winner.

  • Proroth

    I prefer Battlefield, because in my opinion has better multiplayer, thats all