I finally got around to picking up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 last week and managed to get through the entire single player campaign and play a good amount of multiplayer by Saturday so I figured it was as good a time as any to give my impressions on the game, which will basically turn into a comparison between the game and Modern Warfare 2.

I know that BF:BC2 has been out for a little while now and this is probably not going to matter to most of you, but if you’re still on the fence about it maybe it’ll help you down.

I’ll be honest here, I’m a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2. I’ve been a fan of Infinity Ward’s work in the Call of Duty series since the beginning so naturally MW2 gets most of my attention and other games need to live up to what I’ve come to expect from those games. I understand that a lot of people like to complain about MW2’s multiplayer being “broken” yet I can only personally think of one thing that is actually broken to me (the fact that the pavelow doesn’t count towards your kill streak), the other things people are complaining about are trival and I think people just need to realize that, that’s how the game is, adapt. And because of that, a lot of people were recommending people to pick up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for a more balanced multiplayer game. Well, I took their advice since I was able to score the game for around $25 after price matching and some Best Buy reward zone certificates.

Check out my impressions of the multiplayer and single player campaign for Bad Company 2 compared to Modern Warfare 2 after the jump.

Single Player Campaign

I blazed through the single player in around 5-6 hours, it only took a couple short sessions during the week and about 3 hours Saturday morning before I had completed the campaign. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed. Now I did not play the game on the Hard setting which obviously would have caused me to die a little more and make the campaign take longer (MW2 still only took me 7 hours on Veteran), but I still felt the single player lacked anything exciting. Sure, the fact that everything in the maps is breakable was a cool novelty, but it never really affected how I played the game and I didn’t find it all that impressive. The story itself is the same rehashed action movie cliched story that has been around since the dawn of film; bad guys steal/develop ultimate weapon, good guys chase them down. I know there was other stuff to it like the back story of the one guys father being knowingly killed by the same weapon and the weapon being used to help start an invasion of the U.S., but it still seemed like something we’ve seen a million times.

Overall I just felt like my experience with the Modern Warfare 2 campaign was more engaging and I enjoyed it more. The firefights in Mw2 seemed more intense and the fact that a lot of it was fought on U.S. soil made it more believable in my eyes. I’ll be honest, in BF:BC2 I had no idea what part of the world I was fighting in for most of the campaign. The level design just seemed like generic jungle, generic city, generic whatever… I never got that sense of location that I did in MW2. I also felt that there were a lot of cut scenes, almost too many. Every time I’d run up to a checkpoint hoping to bombarded by enemies to shoot at I would be greeted by a cut scene instead. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too critical, but it reminds me of when hip-hop artists were putting “skits” on their CDs to fill space, it’s like you obviously had more room on the disc to add music, but instead you add these dumb fucking skits that nobody wants to listen to… that’s kind of how I felt about the cut scenes after a while in this one. Now, I’m not saying that the game shouldn’t have any cut scenes, because that would be stupid, but this kind of felt like the Final Fantasy of first person shooters.

My other big complaint about the game, which is a personal issue and not necessarily the fault of the game, are the controls. I’m so used to the way the Call of Duty games play that I couldn’t get used to the left thumb stick in this one. I do like the fact that you can run constantly and don’t tire out like in MW2, but I don’t like the fact that you can’t really strafe while you’re in sprint mode. This lead to a lot of issues turning corners and lining up with ladders and stairwells. I eventually started getting used to just turning with the right stick instead of strafing, but I still don’t like the fact that you can’t do it while sprinting.

So those were my biggest complaints about the single player campaign, but there are some things I liked about it. The ammo crates around the levels were nice, but it allowed me to use the same guns through the entire campaign instead of forcing me to pick up new ones to try. I also liked the care package drops spread out that allow you to switch between any two guns you have ever found in any level and because of that I found myself picking up random guns throughout the game just so they would be in that crate if I ever decided to use them (which I didn’t). I though the snow level where you have to regroup with your squad at the base of the mountain was pretty cool. The idea of going from house to house to find fire so you don’t freeze to death was a great idea and very well implemented. I also liked the little jabs at Modern Warfare 2 throughout the game. For example, there’s a section where you race your squad on ATV’s to another section of the map and they start talking about how snowmobiles are for sissies and I caught another section where they make fun of heartbeat sensor attachments for guns, but I can’t recall exactly what they said. So those were nice little easter eggs thrown in there.

So the game does have some things going for it and I didn’t not enjoy the time I spent with the single player campaign, I was a little disappointed in the ending though. It seems like they almost wanted to copy that cool ending of Modern Warfare 1/2, but didn’t quite pull it off. And I’ll admit even Modern Warfare 2’s ending was just a copy of the great ending of MW1, so I don’t give them the edge there, but I just felt that it could have been so much more than it was. So while I did enjoy it I don’t think I can recommend it at full price because of the things I mentioned above, but honestly I think more people are buying this game for the multiplayer aspect, so lets talk about that for a minute.


According to everyone that hates MW2’s multiplayer, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was supposed to be where everyone was jumping ship to go to… Well I’m sorry, I’m not going to be jumping ship for this. When the Xbox 360 launched I was a huge fan of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat until I discovered Call of Duty 2 online and that’s kind of how I feel in this case. I’ve already experienced what amazing multiplayer in an FPS can be whether it was CoD2, CoD4, or MW2 so going back to Battlefield just doesn’t feel right. Forget being a “fanboy” or whatever people call em these days, again, I just don’t feel the depth and immersion in Bad Company 2. Everything I read said that it was more squad oriented and that you’d have to work together to complete the objectives where as MW2 was just a bunch of people running around on their own… Are we playing the same Bad Company game? I played for a solid 3 hours on Saturday and can safely say that this squad thing is completely overrated. I like the fact that I can spawn with the squad, but after that everyone immediately disperses and goes their separate ways. Now this could have been due to the fact that I was playing with random people and not friends, but I never got the feeling that I was acting as part of a squad.

I like that the maps are really big, since there are vehicles and it would just be a huge mess if they were small maps, but honestly that’s about all I liked about the multiplayer. I don’t understand how people can complain that the sniper rifles in Modern Warfare 2 aren’t balanced because they don’t kill people in 1 hit when the sniper rifles in Bad Company 2 aren’t realistic at all in terms of 1 shot 1 kill and lack of breath holding. The sniper rifles are completely steady the entire time so you just line up and shoot. I’m not saying that I don’t think the quick scoping shit on MW2 is legit (I think it’s terrible and needs to be rethought), but the only skill involved in sniping in Bad Company 2 is the fact that there is bullet drop, meaning that the bullet you shoot will drop slightly the further it goes so you have to adjust depending on how far you are. Ok, so that makes it more realistic in that sense, but I still don’t think they are anymore realistic than Modern Warfare 2’s snipers. And maybe I missed this, but can you not go prone? I could only figure out how to kneel down… I’m being honest here, I could have just missed something, but that seems stupid.

The lack of game modes also annoyed me a little bit, unless I’m wrong again, I could only find 2 game modes to play and the one is essentially just Domination from the Modern Warfare games… I don’t know guys, whoever has been telling people to go play Battlefield instead of Modern Warfare 2 because you’ll have a better experience obviously just isn’t good at Modern Warfare 2. And maybe that’s why I don’t like Battlefield’s multiplayer… oh wait, nope that’s not why, because I did perfectly fine in every match I was in. I was always top 3 for points and always went positive in kills/deaths, so it’s not that I don’t like it because I’m bad at it, I just don’t like it because I didn’t find it fun.

So take this as you will, I gave it a shot and tried to be as unbiased as I could going into it, but I’ll be selling this one on eBay and going back to Modern Warfare 2 for my multiplayer FPS gaming.

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  • Good insight. I have no intention of picking this game up but I was wondering what people I know thought of it. 5-6 hours for single player is ridiculous.

  • Yeah, my bud on it is like…300th in the world right now on this game. He can’t stand MW2 anymore. Says it’s too “cartoony”. He’s got a 2.36 KD on MW2.

    I think it’s that he, like I, got tired of the following problems:
    Glitches that are now fixed
    Commando Pro
    Last Stand Pro
    But most noteably, the heartbeat monitor. That one little tool, that should have been left IN GAME. IFF Technology is not portable yet. They’re working on it, but still, we use the “IRS system” aka Infrared Strobe to prevent fractricide.

    The Javelin missile launcher locks onto you at 98.6 degrees? No. It’s bogus, and, if you’re running Cold Blooded Pro, aren’t you invisible to UAV/Predator/Air Support, Sentry Gun, etc. Kinda ironic, you get picked up by a weapon that is ANTI ARMOR! HELLO!!!!! Those in the know know you can’t hit a human at distance with this thing. It’s not the platform’s intended mission!

    Another point I’d like to make against MW2 is that the environment, is not destructible. I wonder how many BILLIONS of diffent versions of collapsible environment you could have done. Imagine getting a final kill cam with a predator and you collapse a building on someone! That would be cool.

    Predictable engagement areas and incessant morons online have made MW2 less than a fun gaming environment. Listen, I’ll talk smack with the best of em. As you know, people will talk to get under your skin, but we’ve got the following we’ve run into:
    Moron Monday-Toolbag Tuesday-WTF Wednesday-Thatfugginidiot Thursday-Bigots, Racists, and Haters Friday OH MY!-Sh*tbag Saturday-Slurslinger Sunday

    And is the N word the norm on this game to get everyone fired up?
    I love how people talk big behind a mic.

    That’s why I’ve been playing a lot of COD4. People are going back to it. They’re tired of the constant HBM players who have to use it. It shows pure lack of skill. I have to keep my headphones in and turn them all the way down when I’m playing on my own too. That way, I don’t have to listen to people’s idiocy!

    As for BFBC2, I’m not buying it. I don’t even want it. My bud, he swears it blows MW2 out of the water because you have so many more weapon systems and battle scenarios.
    Ya…right…I want to jump in a helicopter and waste my gaming time having continual chopper gunner. That…is just gay!

    Would I like to have some battle sequences in MW2 where I can be in a vehicle and get into an urban battle, fighting my way out of a city? Sure. Would it help my PTSD. NO! But I’d manage.

  • SifuGun

    Everything I read said that it was more squad oriented and that you’d have to work together to complete the objectives where as MW2 was just a bunch of people running around on their own… Are we playing the same Bad Company game? I played for a solid 3 hours on Saturday and can safely say that this squad thing is completely overrated.

    “Well i can safely say that for you 3 hours was not enough time to realize that by completing the ((Kits) which are like classes in Mw2)). You would be forced to contribute to the “Team”. It is a sort of training. Once you complete your kits you get a great over view of all features of the multiplayer game. Then you can go back and decide which kit, guns, gadgets, and specs You liked the most.”

    One other comment I play Mw2 for about 3 or 4 months. I was a prestiage 7 level 53. So, i really know the game. And it ultimately fails. In fact the new Mw2 will just copy Bbc2. The biggest thing that does not work with Mw2 aside from the hacks. Is that they need to work on the basics. Like scale of the players, the unrealistic blocked view angles, and the way the guns shot. I mean is the player in Mw2 having a stroke. It sure looks that way because of the “Gun Sway”. I guess it was a last minute fix because of the scale of the men and maps they choose. If there were no gun sway you could easily kill the enemy as soon as you see them. Well when i aim a gun in real life it does not sway to the left or right 2 to 3 feet like in Mw2.
    Gun recoil is one thing. But making it feel like someone is pushing your gun barrel to the side away from the target is just unforgivable.

    • AC Slater

      Ok, maybe I didn’t give it enough time to build up my “kit” but the other people playing the game on my team did and they still weren’t doing anything but sitting in places and sniping. And I disagree with you on the scale of the models in MW2, I think it just appears that way because Battlefield’s maps are so much larger than MW2’s. And as for gun sway I assume you’re talking about the sniper rifle and not the normal guns cause the only one that really sways a bit is the ACOG scope and have you ever tried to run with a gun and look down the sights and shoot? I’m pretty sure the gun is going to sway. As for the sniper rifles, same thing, if you’re running with it and looking down the sights, you’re gonna sway. But I will say that they should have toned down the sway if you’re in the prone position since you’d be pretty steady on the ground.