1st DLC Map Pack for Call of Duty Ghosts on January 28th

cod ghosts map pack dlc onslaught

It would appear as if the first DLC map pack for Call of Duty Ghosts is set to hit Xbox Live on January 28th. Microsoft has exclusive rights to all of the Call of Duty DLC ahead of the other consoles, so PC and PS3/PS4 will have to wait a month or so. Not a whole lot of details have leaked yet, but we do have map names and an extra little goodie, so lets take a look.

Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Map Pack: Onslaught

4 Multiplayer Maps: (all commentary is based on the screenshots alone)

  • Fog – Looks to be a very foggy village of sorts, possibly another snow level.
  • Bay View – It almost looks like alcatraz based on that guard tower looking thing, but it’s probably just somewhere in San Francisco.
  • Containment – I have no idea
  • Ignition – Can’t tell

1 New Gun

  • Maverick AR & Sniper Rifle – I’m not sure if it’s two separate guns or a gun that doubles as both a sniper and an assault rifle.

1 Extinction Map 

  • Episode II: Nightfall – We have yet to make it all the way through episode 1, but are definitely looking forward to episode 2. I’m liking Extinction mode more and more, it feels and plays a lot like Left 4 Dead, which I love.

So that’s all I’ve got for you right now. Once official trailers and videos start getting released I’ll make another post, but for now you’ll just have to do make do with the image above.