1 vs 100 Xbox Live Beta Impressions

After all of the announcements Microsoft made yesterday during their E3 keynote presentation there was still one more thing we as a public got to try out (in the US), 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live. 1 vs 100 is a television show that is/was hosted by Bob Saget where 1 contestant answers questions at the same time as the mob of 100 people answer. “The One” then wins money for every person in the mob that gets the question wrong when he/she gets it right. The Xbox Live version is basically the same idea, but obviously everyone gets to participate.

The game was scheduled for last night at 9:30 CST, I got home from the bar at about 9:15 and didn’t really know how to go about getting into a game, but I had set a reminder through the dashboard earlier in the day just in case I was playing something else when 9:30 rolled around. So at about 9:25 I get a reminder notice on the screen telling me that 1 vs 100 is starting, I hit the dashboard button on the controller and was given the option to Play Now, and that’s what I did. 

I wasn’t in a party with any friends so I just wanted to get into the game. I was paired up with 3 random people and sent out into the crowd. Basically if you’re not selected to be in The Mob or The One you are a member of the crowd. You still get to participate and answer all the questions and build up sweepstakes entry points, but you don’t get the opportunity to win prizes like The Mob or The One do, and since it’s still in beta they weren’t giving away real prizes anyways so it didn’t matter. 

The game was pretty much what I was expecting. Each round of play took about 15-20 minutes depending on what The One did and how well The Mob answered questions (obviously), so it wasn’t like you’re sitting around playing the same game for an hour like the TV show. The advertisements that come up at random points weren’t that annoying and gave you enough time to grab a beer or take a leak so that was nice (especially after just getting home from the bar). As for answering questions goes, I’m not sure if it differs when you’re in the mob or the one, but in the crowd you have about 5 quick seconds to answer the question and the faster you answer the more points you get, then you get bonus points for each member of the mob that gets it wrong, as well as a few extra points if you’re on a streak of correct answers. You can check your lifetime stats as well as the current round stats at anytime which was kind of cool. 

So overall I think that there is a lot of potential with this game. My only complaint, which is a pretty obvious one, is that with over 50,000 people playing at a time it’s going to be hard to be one of the 101 people that have a chance to win any actual prizes (outside of the sweepstakes drawing). I played for an hour last night and was never chosen to be in the mob or the one. I’ve also been having issues with my headset and the microphone not working properly so I wasn’t able to converse with anyone in the game and the live announcer that was supposed to be talking at certain points of the game just never showed up sometimes. There were a couple times when he would jump on and start talking about stuff or comment on how The One did, but more often than not the virtual co-host would throw it back to the supposed “live” guy and it would just be silent with generic text on the screen. So despite a few small issues, I definitely see the potential in this type of thing and hopefully they will release more gameshows later on that allow us to win Microsoft Points and random arcade games. 

Did anyone else check it out last night? What did you think?