The Strain The Night Eternal #1 Review

The Strain The Night Eternal is the final chapter of the amazing horror saga brought to you from Dark Horse Comics. If you have beeb following along with the story, the first installment continues of course where the previous chapter, The Strain The Fall, ended. The Master has taken over a large percentage of the population, and is striving for total domination. With Setrakian dead, Eph, along with Vasiliy and Nora, must now head the war against the blood sucking demons that now inhabit most of the world.

We see Eph really struggling with the fact that all this has happened, and determined to find his son and kill The Master. Most of the human race that are still alive are either living in Farms, which are used to bred humans for meal time, or in areas that are barely livable. Food rations are being dictated by Stoneheart, which was the corporation that the Master exploited in order to takeover the planet. Eph believes his son is still alive and the Master is holding him hostage in order to lure him in.

The other two individuals remaining in the group are Vasiliy and Nora. They have taken refuge on a ship, which is considered the most safe place to be. We find Vasiliy interested in what we can only assume is a huge bomb, which he intends to use to exterminate the vampire population. When Eph misses an appointment to meet Nora and Vasiliy, the two begin to worry about his stability.

The artist design and story layout in this series has been just a consistent horrifying treat! The shading and detail really give the reader a feel of pure horror. As always, this series continues to just suck me in. Its got a great story, and pretty likable characters.

Look back for the second installment!