Lawless Trailer

I know this is a bit late. But I figured I would post it up here anyway. The movie is entitled Lawless and stars some pretty big actors; Tom Hardy (Inception, Dark Knight Rises), Guy Pearce (Memento, Hurt Locker), Shia LaBeouf (Transformers, Disturbia) and Gary Oldman (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight). This flick is about a gang of brothers who have the bootlegging game on lock in Franklin County, Virginia. When authorities try to cut off their business, they have to fight to keep it going. This movie is to be released August 29, 2012. It looks really good, by the trailer, plus I enjoy most of the actors in it. Could be a classic gangster flick. Well enjoy the trailer if you haven’t already.


[youtube id=”csLbNO5cYSM” width=”600″ height=”350″]