Blood Brothers

Who had a good Halloween? I didn’t really do shit, mainly because the world series and well i just never had a group of people that wanted to go out and do some Halloween stuff. So what did i do? I read some badass comics! I am proud to present this, well i think so, awesomely presented comic Blood Brothers, from Dark Horse. Blood Brothers is about two dudes who are vampires, yeah i know fitting for the Halloween weekend, who are basically bounty hunters. They work for the very entertaining Cedric, who owns a bail bonds operation in Las Vegas. Hilarity ensues as these two go off and try to capture these criminals who are wanted.

Nick has a girlfriend whom Tree is not to fond of, basically because this is causing some static in their vampire ways. Tree and Nick are thousands of years old, and the two created a pact that they would never date a girl for a certain amount of time, saving their identities as well as heartbreak. Jill is unaware of Nick’s abilities until she is kidnapped and sees him take some serious hits and not die nor really slow him down. This is all a plot to get at Nick because his father, Marcus, is one of the most powerful vampire warriors to ever exist.

The quest to find the blood of Marcus, needed to reanimate a vampire whom has the power to control all vampires is mentioned in the first installment. The famous Vegas hotel owner/playboy, Ridenhour has terminal cancer. He has accepted the fact that he is going to die and wants to live on forever, thus taking a blood transfusion that is a mixture between the famous vampires and Quedilla, the most powerful of them all.