What Happened To Our Imagination As Adults?

what happened to our imagination as adults

As a child I had a skateboard, I have a skateboard as an adult which I customized based on Free Skateshop, but I had one as a child… also. Anyways… The skateboard I had as a child was one that I “borrowed” from the neighbor kids. I didn’t really steal it, we would all skateboard around the neighborhood together, but it just ended up at my house every night, for years, until I ultimately broke it in half. It was at that point that the neighbor kid wanted me to pay for it… so I stole his bike. But the fact that I was a thief is not the point of this story so don’t judge me. Back to the skateboard.

back to the future skateboard

The skateboard itself was kind of unique in that it was oddly shaped and was branded as a “Back to the Future Part II” board. The idea behind it was that it was supposed to be like the hoverboard in the movie, but it looked nothing like it (see picture). I don’t know why I liked it so much, but it just seemed to carve the asphalt better than the heavy-rounded boards of the 80’s. And it was this skateboard, along with the movie, that fueled our imaginations.

I don’t know how the rumor started or where we heard it for the first time, but a child’s imagination is an amazing thing. So amazing in fact, that someone was able to convince us that hoverboards were actually a real thing at one point in time. But that’s not the kicker, we were told that the real reason you can’t find them anymore is because they had a dial on them that allowed you to set the height in which the board hovered off the ground. It sounds ridiculous now as an adult, but as a kid it sounds like the coolest thing in the world. The fact that there was this dangerous, yet awesome, product out there that was taken off of the market purely for the fact that it was so cool.

The rumor gained traction as we learned more about our world in school, mainly once we discovered that there were magnetic poles within the earth… Holy shit! So you’re telling me that if we put giant magnets on the bottom of a skateboard deck, the natural magnetism of the earth would allow us to hover?!?! Obviously this isn’t how it works, but in a child’s mind it made sense. It’s once we discover the reality behind how things really work that we start to lose that childlike imagination that made the world such an amazing place.

It’s that reason alone that I don’t want to grow up… Now obviously I have grown older as the years have gone by; smarter… maybe not, but I like to think so. But through everything, I’ve tried not to lose that sense of wonder that made the world such an amazing place as a child. My friends sometimes think I’m strange, they might think some of the ideas I come up with in my mind don’t make sense, or aren’t things that a normal adult should be thinking of… but I say, why not? When did this magically rule come into affect that says I have to think a certain way? Why can’t my mind wander to a place where hoverboards exist, or a place where the mythical Bonkey exists. That would be a cross between a bear and a monkey. Why do most people lose this sense of wonder once they start to grow older?

Is it because people let their responsibilities run their lives? They let their jobs overtake everything they loved about this world. They stress out about the littlest things, the most trivial of details, instead of seeing the true meaning of life… and that is to live. The mentality in America, and in some other places around the world, is that you live to work. This sounds absolutely terrible, and not what I want to spend my time on this earth doing. Work is fine, and I understand the need to make money to support your family and be comfortable, but nobody should let their job run their life. Instead of living to work, we should be working to live. Our jobs should be the thing that allows us to do the things in life we want to do, and if gets to the point where it’s hindering those things, then find another job that allows you a little more freedom. I know this isn’t necessarily an option for everyone, but that should be the mentality. The meaning of life is not to spend it behind a desk pushing papers, you’re missing the point if that’s what you think. A job should be the first step on journey through life, not the last. When I’m on my deathbed, in my final moments, I don’t want to look back on things with regret, I don’t want to look back with the notion that I shouldn’t have spent so much time working and more time with my family. I would rather look back and imagine a world where hoverboards existed, people kept dinosaurs as pets, and my work didn’t run my life. We need to stop teaching kids that they have no choice but to grow up and shut off their brains. Keep being creative and do what you love, if you’re not, then what are you really doing with your life?