Warm Beer

Freshman year of college was a great time, we were finally on our own and had more freedom than we knew what to do with. Naturally this lead to a lot of drinking and partying, but that’s only fun for so long which is when we would start to play drinking games.

We would play the basic games like circle of death, asshole, fuck your neighbor, etc. We even made up our own that involved softballs and beer bongs, it was extremely stupid but it lead to the same ending, we got drunk. Eventually this got old as well and we needed something new to entertain us while drinking. This is how we were first introduced to the “game” Warm Beer.

It was winter break 2000, we were all home from school between semesters and a friends parents were out of town so we had a place to party for new years. Well our plans to just party there on new years eve turned into a week long party and we eventually became bored which lead to P suggesting we play a new game, Warm Beer.

Warm Beer isn’t even really a game as it is a way to fuck with someone at the party and have them have no idea what is going on. But in order for it to work properly you need to get everyone in the room in on the game except for your mark. If not everyone is aware of what is going on your mark will figure it out almost instantly.

So the first night P told us about this we did it to our friend J. We all sat down in around a table and P explained the rules which are pretty simple, use your finger tips on the face of the person on you left to try and make them laugh, if they laugh they must drink from the warm can of beer. Simple enough right?

While he is explaining the rules, P is heating up the bottom of a can of beer with a lighter, to make it warm of course. What this really does is created an ashy soot on the bottom of the can, but J doesn’t know this, she just thinks it’s some stupid game about touching faces. So P starts off the game by trying to make J laugh by touching her face, but before he does he rubs his finger all over the bottom of the can. This cause him to rub ash all over her face without her knowing. The key is to not rub the ash under the marks nose since they can smell it and will catch on.

So the game continued on as J got more and more covered in ash while everyone else laughed at her. After about 8 rounds she started to get bored so P made sure to get a ton of ash on her one last time, subsequently leading to her figuring out what was going on. She got extremely pissed and tried to wipe actual ash from cigarettes on people which just lead to her getting shaving cream in the face.

It was a fun little prank to pull on people at a party. So much fun that we did it to another friend the next night, only it took him even longer to realize it and he was getting way into the game trying to make people laugh. And the best part was that I have both times on video tape. And I would post them on YouTube and embed them here, but due to the fact that we were underage at the time and J has some good things coming for her in the future, I’m not going to.

So next time you’re at a party and you’re getting kind of bored, pick on someone and cover their face in ash and video tape it. It always makes for a good laugh later.