What Happens In Vegas… Part 2

vegas strip nye part 2

We spent New Years Eve in Las Vegas, the epitome of American excess, the adult Disney, the divorce capital of the world, the place where savings accounts go to die… This is part 2 of our trip, if you missed it, check out Part 1 before reading this.

Day 3 – December 30, 2012

After a long, inebriated night on the strip, complete with clubs, attractive cocktail waitresses, not-so-attractive go-go dancers, “secret pizza“, jello shots, board meetings, table dancing, hungry Korean Elvis, fights with busboys, not wearing DC’s to the club, and possibly a little “sleeping” in public, we had finally awoke in our ridiculous suite to find that we had apparently gained 2 guests at some point in the night. RV and BV had joined us at some point after secret pizza, but nobody heard them come in and NB didn’t even hear them ask him for a pillow… The only reason we knew that had been there was from the extra slice of pizza on the counter and the robe-blanket next to 2 pillows on the floor in the conference room.

After pulling ourselves out of bed we had one goal, watch the Bears game, but there were a couple problems. The first problem was that since we were in a different time zone, the game was on at 10AM instead of Noon, and it was already almost 10 (not to mention check-out was at noon. The 2nd problem is that LV could not find her credit card or ID, so even if we wanted to go down to one of the bars in the hotel for a couple hours we couldn’t. Oh well, Hakuna Matata, we’d just watch the first half in the room while getting our stuff together, then catch the 2nd half back at the house. That would have been a great plan, but since we weren’t in Chicago the game wasn’t one of the televised games… But just when we thought all hope was lost, LV found her credit card and ID in a section of her wallet she doesn’t normally use, I guess…

By now we were almost packed up and ready to go, so we decided we’d just head back towards the house and meet RV and BV at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. LV swears the Vegas Buffalo Wild Wings tastes better than any of the Buffalo Wild Wings she’s been to, but that really doesn’t make any sense since the sauces are all the same. And once we got there and tried the wings it only solidified that fact… it’s the same.

We spent a few hours at BDubs watching the Bears win and then decided to head back to the house to watch the Minnesota/Green Bay game that the Bears playoff hopes were resting on. Green Bay needed to win, which they didn’t, so that sucked. In lieu of the loss we decided to head down to the strip and grab dinner and walk around a bit. NB, CR and I ate dinner at Serendipity 3 outside of Caesar [Palacio’s] palace while LV and the rest of her family attended a family reunion dinner elsewhere. CR got this ridiculous frozen hot chocolate, which I didn’t understand because isn’t a frozen hot chocolate just a chocolate milkshake? I guess I just don’t get it.

After dinner we decided to walk around on the strip for a little bit. We walked through a few of the casinos and a bunch of the stores inside. We found a DC Shoes store, but even though I enjoy their products, I hate shopping, so I really didn’t want to go inside. My wife dragged me in and bought me a hoodie, which was nice of her, but I still didn’t want to be there. According to NB, I’m a “cranky fuck” when I’m shopping… and he’s not wrong. I would have rather gone to another club than go shopping, which is the exact reason why I pay for Amazon Prime and did all of my Christmas shopping online.

LV picked us up shortly after that and we went out to the “M Resort & Casino” to meet up with some of her cousins. The “M” is not on the strip, but rather at the very end of Las Vegas Blvd, literally in the middle of nowhere. Despite the fact that it was in the middle of the desert, it was actually a really nice place. We grabbed a drink with the family and then watched as LV’s cousins lost a bunch of money playing blackjack. I had an opportunity to sit down and play with them, but I didn’t really feel like going to the ATM. I mean, I would have been down money before I even started playing when you consider the fees on those ATMs. Ironically enough we didn’t do any gambling the whole time we were out there; not even a slot machine. I really only play poker and I didn’t really have the time to sit down at a table for a couple hours.

Day 4 – December 31, 2013 (and Day 5)

New Years Eve day finally arrived, it already felt like we had been in Vegas for a week. We didn’t have much planned for the day so we decided to meet up with a buddy of ours, who lives in Vegas, for lunch. We went to a place called “Rachel’s Kitchen”, which was really good. It was nice to sit down and catch up with him for a bit while LV and family did their thing. After lunch we shot back down to the strip to pick up BB and CB before they closed the roads. Yup, the strip is completely shut down to cars starting at 6PM on New Years Eve day and they don’t reopen until around 3AM. Thankfully it was only around 4, so we had plenty of time to get down there and get out.

On the way back from picking them up we decided that we were going to stop by Lowe’s and pick up a new shower head for LV and a new flapper for one of the toilets; NB felt like being a great houseguest and fixed any issue he could with limited tools. When we arrived back at the house, the other guys had gone to the liquor store and placed an order for food, so we were set for the night and didn’t have to go anywhere. Everyone that was out with us at the club, ended up at the house, plus we had a few new editions that had just gotten into town. The party was kind of laid back, but that’s what we wanted. We didn’t have to deal with the ridiculousness of the strip and all the people, we didn’t have to deal with closed roads and being stuck, and most of all we didn’t have to spend an asinine amount of money on food and liquor. We also didn’t have to leave the house to go get carne asada fries, as someone read our minds and brought a ton of them over.

New Years Eve was exactly what we wanted, a low-key party with family and friends… and fireworks. The strip is visible from LV’s backyard so we were able to see all of the fireworks from all of the hotels at the stroke of midnight, which was pretty cool.

Day 5 really just consisted of us getting up, going to breakfast and then heading to the airport. The only bad part of the entire trip was once we got to the airport and were informed that our flight was delayed by 2 hours. We were already set to get into chicago around 11PM, but it ended up being closer to 1AM, which means we didn’t even make it back home until around 2AM. I can’t complain though, that was the worst thing that happened on the trip and it wasn’t even that bad. We spent the next day trying to recover, but we should have taken off Thursday and Friday as well.

The trip was a success, everyone got along and had a good time; we even already got the invite to come back next year. Thanks again to the “V” family for taking us in and letting us stay with you. Thanks again for the room at the Aria and all your hospitality. It was truly a time to celebrate.

So long 2012.