Want To Pay Less For Air Travel?

If you’ve never heard of Shoemoney or read his blog I suggest heading over there to check it out. Actually, if you want more information about this article you’re going to have to head over there anyways. He basically blogs about how to make money on the internet, or rather, how he makes money on the internet. He talks about the different trends in making money, advertising techniques, his experiences with this stuff, and sometimes he just talks about ways he saves money or just nothing at all.

I just checked the site and found he had written this great article about how to get up to 80% off on your air travel. It’s actually really simple. His example is going from Nebraska to Minnesota. If he takes a direct flight it would cost him about $800, but if he goes from Nebraska to St Louis, with a lay over in Minnesota, the flight only costs him $165. So basically he takes the first plane to Minnesota, where he is trying to go, and never boards the plane headed to St. Louis, since he’s only adding that leg to get the discount. Head on over to his site and read the full article, it’s not long and has screenshots of everything and explain why this is like this. And check out some of his other posts, they are pretty interesting if you’re into this kind of stuff.

Source: ShoeMoney