Tickets Have Been Purchased

With the dates getting closer and closer, we figured it was time to buy tickets to the games we intended on seeing. So last night we got together to figure it out. We had a late addition to the games in Boston and New York which made it a lot easier to buy tickets. Pat’s friend from Houston is going to fly out to Boston and come to the Boston vs. Milwaukee game, then ride with us to New York for the Yankees / Mets game, and then fly back to Houston from New York. This works out well because buying 3 tickets to sold out baseball games isn’t the easiest thing to do, nobody wants to break up a pair, and honestly who buys 3 tickets.

So first game is Detroit vs Yakees in Detroit. Everything would have been fine but there was a slight error in Pat’s spreadsheet and some dates/days got messed up a bit. It turned out not to be a huge deal, we’re just leaving a day earlier than planned (May 10th) and have a lot more time in between the Detroit game and the Boston game. It actually gives us more time to check out stuff along the longest stretch of driving on our trip, so no big deal. So now instead of just Cooperstown, we’ll also be checking out Niagara Falls, so I’ll have some cool pictures. So back to the Detroit game. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be since they are playing the Yankees. We figured it was Detroit, who wants to see them play, but we were wrong. The only tickets available through their website were standing room only, not happening. We ended up finding 3 tickets on stub hub, decent seats for around 60-70 a piece after all said and done. Yeah, it was a little more than we were expecting, but those damn commissions that stub hub charges are insane. We didn’t want to wait to buy tickets for these games, since the trip is based around them and we’d rather have them in our hands before we left. Next stop Boston.

Oh Boston, why do you have to be the most expensive ball park to buy tickets at. For this game, Boston vs. Milwaukee we needed 4 tickets so it would be a little easier to find tickets, which it was, but finding cheap tickets, not so much. Apparently Fenway is the most expensive ballpark to buy tickets for, and for about $150 per ticket on Stub Hub, we found that out. We were looking to sit on top of the green monster, but for $650 per ticket, it wasn’t worth it. So 2 down 1 to go, New York Yankees vs New York Mets at Yankee Stadium!

What we were anticipating as being our most expensive game turned out not to be, it was actually fairly cheap. We found these tickets on eBay and while they are a little higher up than our previous tickets, Yankee Stadium is pretty expensive when you get to the lower sections, especially when they are playing the Mets. We ended up paying $315 total for 4 tickets, so roughtly $79 per ticket, not bad.

So the last leg of the trip was going to be Washington Nationals vs Philadelphia Phillys, but with the mix up of dates/days at the beginning the time might run short so we didn’t buy tickets in advance. But the way we look at it, is a Nationals game really going to sell out? We didn’t think so either. So if we decide to it up that game we’ll just walk up to the box office and buy tickets the day of.

So with all of the games purchased we are looking at a total of around roughly $1100-1200 (Pat has the numbers for the 1st 2 games since he bought them so he could get the cash back on his credit card). 2 of those games were 4 tickets and 1 game only 3 tickets. So while it may seem a little pricey, when is the next time we’ll be out east and get to see Fenway and Yankee Stadium? Well I can tell you we’ll never see Yankee Stadium again since it’s being torn down after this season and as for Fenway, who knows how much longer it will last. So in our eyes this is well worth the money. And as far as the Hall of Fames go, we’ll just buy tickets at the door, haha, no need to buy them in advance.

I’ve also added a banner on the sidebar of this page which links to a Flickr account which is updated by my iPhone. So along with the millions of pictures I’ll be taking with my nice camera and uploading to the web when I get a chance, I’ll be taking pictures constantly on the road with my phone and those pictures will update instantly.