Roadtrip2k8 – Baseball

So if you couldn’t figure it out, this time around the roadtrip is based on Baseball and trying to get to as many games/stadiums as possible. My main goal was to goto the 2nd greatest / original baseball stadium still around, Fenway, before it’s torn down. No, I haven’t heard anything about tearing down Fenway, but it will eventually happen, and who knows when I’ll get to Boston again. Since I get to see Wrigley Field every year, multiple times, and it is by far the greatest park in all of baseball, I figured I might as well check out it’s slightly older, less attractive, possibly retarded, step brother while I have the chance. So we knew Fenway would be a stop on the trip, and of course since we were out that way Yankee Stadium is a must, and on the way there are a bunch of other parks we could see, but it ultimately came down to what fit in to the same time frame as the Red Sox and Yankees both having home games.

So here is what we came up with, or rather, Pat came up with for a game plan.

5/11/2008: Leave for Detroit
3:45 PM: Game 1: Detroit vs. Yankees
Sleep: Not Detroit

5/12/2008: Head To Windsor: Gamble/Party
Make fun of Canadians
Sleep: Windsor

5/13/2008: Leave for Boston
Stop in Cooperstown, NY – Baseball Hall of Fame
Sleep: Boston

5/14/2008: Tour Boston
Sleep: Boston

5/15/2008: Tour Boston
7:05 PM: Game 2: Red Sox vs. Brewers
Sleep: Boston

5/16/2008: Leave for New York
Sleep: NY

5/17/2008: Tour New York
8:05 PM: Game 3: Yankees vs. Mets

5/18/2008: New York

5/19/2008: Head To Washington DC
7:05 PM: Game 4: Washington vs. Philly

5/20/2008: Travel to Chicago
Cleveland – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

5/21/2008: Make it Home

So this is the tentative schedule as of today. We’re going to start looking at buying tickets to the games this week, with the Mets/Yankees game set to cost a pretty penny, unless we want to sit in the bleachers which is ALCOHOL FREE… who wants to do that though? So we’ll see what happens, that is going to be our most expensive purchase for the trip, besides gas. But with gas split between 3 people it shouldn’t be terrible. Our estimations for gas, based on gas being $4 a gallon by that point (shitty) put us at $338.46 for gas, split 3 ways isn’t bad at all. We’ve estimated that the entire trip will cost about $1200 per person. This number is only an estimate as we don’t know how much hotels will cost, or the tickets, or even gas for that matter. If I remember correctly this is a little more than I spent on the west coast roadtrip, but that trip didn’t involve any baseball game tickets, and it did include a really shitty hotel that only cost $28/night.

So everything is coming along, everyone has the vacation time from work, so no issues there, money shouldn’t be a problem, and a car is basically secured, so we’re pretty much a go! As with the last trip I will be updating this website along the way with some pictures and updates on where we are. I will not be putting a ton of pictures here, but they will all be on facebook, and I will post a public link so everyone can see them whether you’re so lucky enough to be my friend or not. I will also bet “Twittering” along the way, which is basically just like the “Status” on facebook. You can follow my twitter here.

My laptop can also sync to my phone to use the internet, but this is mainly so that I can do some work in the car if an emergency arises. I didn’t have the same responsibilities at work that I do now when we took the first roadtrip, so there could be some issues I need to deal with, and I believe Pat may need to do some work as well. I was thinking about rigging up the GPS system to the computer so anyone could see where we are in the country when they visit this site, but I thought that might be kinda gay, but it could be cool as well, we’ll see. Oh and one of my biggest regrets of the west coast trip was not taking more pictures, so you better believe I will be taking a ridiculous amount of photos, another reason I need my laptop, since I only have a 1gig and 2gig CF cards, which will be filled up multiple times.