Official Plan – Roadtrip2k8

… for the most part.

So if you look at the schedule that Pat put together down as one of the first few posts here, you’ll notice that some of the days/dates were off a bit due to Pat messing something up along the way. But now that we have all the tickets, know what we want to do and know how much time we have to do it in… here is the “official plan”, although it could still change slightly.

Day 1: May 10th
~9:00Am – Leave Chicago for Detroit, MI
3:45Pm – New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers
Night – Chill in Detroit/Windsor area.

Day 2 – Day 5: May 11th – May 15th
Leave Detroit, MI and Head Towards Boston, MA going through Canada hitting the following along the way.
-Windsor Canada
-Niagara Falls
-Baseball Hall of Fame – Cooperstown, NY
May 14th/15th – Arrive In Boston, MA

Day 6: May 16th
7:05Pm – Milwaukee Brewers at Boston Redsox

Day 7: May 17th
Hang out in Boston, MA for the full day/night

Day 8: May 18th
~3Pm (?) – Head to New York
8:05Pm – New York Mets at New York Yankees

Day 9-10: May 19th-May 20st (?)
Hang Out In New York Day/Night

Day 11: May 21st
Hang in New York
~1-3Pm – Head to Washington DC
7:05Pm – Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals

Day 12: May 22nd
See sites in Washington DC
Maybe see Baltimore?
Maybe start on trek home?

Day 13: May 23rd
Drive to Cleveland
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
This probably wont happen, but Cleveland Indians are going to be in town, so there’s a possibility for another game.

Day 14-15: May 24-25 (?)
Head Back to Chicago

And Then on May 26th, I’m (Tom) going to the Cubs game… so not bad, possibly 5 baseball games in 5 different stadiums/states in 2 weeks. Everything is basically set in stone until after the Yankees vs. Mets game. We don’t have tickets to the Nationals game, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get them if we want. We just didn’t want to limit our stay in New York if there was more we wanted to see/do while we were there. So basically everything after New York could change, but we plan on seeing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since it’s on the way home anyways.

So there you have our “official plan” for the trip. It’s coming up fast, I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks away! And my video camera shipped today, should have it by the weekend… awesome. Now Nick just needs to get his ass in gear and buy his camera.