New Cameras

Nick finally went out and bought himself a new digital camera yesterday for the trip. He decided against a D-SLR since he’s not sure when he would use it again, other than trips. So it made more sense for him to get a point and shoot so he went with the Canon (s750?). It’s a nice little camera, I’m sure he’ll take some decent pictures and then be jealous of my awesome pictures.

And now my video camera… I ordered a new video camera a couple weeks ago cause I found a really good deal, let’s just say after the trip if I wanted to I could sell it on eBay, used, for a profit. Great right? Well the first problem, I ordered it from B & H Photo, which is a great company don’t get me wrong, but they are strict orthodox Jews, which means when it’s Passover they don’t work all week. So since I ordered it the Friday before the week of Passover, the camera wasn’t going to ship until Monday April 28th, which was no problem since we’re not leaving till this Saturday (May 10th). So it was shipped on the 28th, 3-day select via UPS, perfect I’ll have it on the 1st. Well it was scheduled to be delivered on April 30th, even better and someone was even going to be home all day at the house to sign… perfect. Not really. Apparently UPS tried that first day and said nobody was home, weird. Ok, no problem they will come back the next day and try again, someone will be home… Someone was home and even saw the UPS guy drive down the street and deliver a package to a neighbors place, yet didn’t stop with my package. Check the status online and all they did was copy what it said from the previous day (Attempt 1, Nobody Home to Sign….) for April 1st, even though nobody came. Ok, so April 2nd, I have another package coming so they should both get delivered… Nobody was home, they left the one package and finally left the first note on the door for the video camera package, but they didn’t fill anything out, just left a blank tag on the door. Check the website Friday night and it says that they made the 2nd attempt at 12:28PM that day, which they did… but what they didn’t do was make their 3rd attempt at 12:30PM that same day, 2 MINUTES LATER! How do they expect me to believe that they tried twice in 2 minutes and that constitutes them making a 3rd attempt! Ridiculous. Whatever, made it easier on me I just went and picked it up today and didn’t have to worry about it, except the outer box was all smashed up (camera is fine though). I would have been pissed if the camera was broken.

So that’s our camera stories, obviously mine was a little more ridiculous than Nicks, although I think the chick at Best Buy wanted him (or me, but I’m taken). She kept messing up scanning his stuff and having to start over, then we had to go up to customer service to finish it up, and she’s making small talk with him asking if the camera was for him or someone else (obviously her way of finding out if he had a girlfriend), then she asked where we were going, etc… I don’t think Nick picked up on it though haha. Alright, that’s enough for now, 5 days and we’re outta here!