Making Our Way Back – Roadtrip2k8

So we are done with the games we had planned and are starting the
drive back towards home. Currently we are on our way to Philadelphia
to check out a few things for a bit then on to Washington dc. I think
were going to try to catch the nationals game tonight and tour dc

Yesterday it poured in the morning in new York but we still walked
through central park and got pizza. The rain stopped and it turned out
to be really nice for the game last night which is good because
apparently abby melts if it rains. The game was cool, wish it would
have been a little closer instead of the mets absolutely destroying
the Yankees, but its always nice to see the Yankees lose.

At the very end of the game we witnessed the most insane thing we've
ever seen at a baseball game. Picture the nosebleed seats and how
steep they are, now imagine a guy trying to step over seats to get
down faster instead of using the stairs… And then picture him
slipping, trying to grab onto a girl to stop himself from falling but
instead they both go tumbling head over heals through the seats until
they hit the railing at the bottom!! There was still a section in
front of them so they wouldn't have fallen over to the lower level,
but had they gone into the next section it could have hapened. The
girl was ok, she stopped before the railing and walked away, the guy
was messed up. He was laying on the ground with ems all around him. It
was absolutely insane. He fell from the same row we were sitting in,
which was about 6 rows from the top and 12 or so rows to where he

So after the game we just went back and went to sleep and are now
almost in Philly.