Detroit Tickets Have Arrived

Pat got the Detroit vs Yankees (in Detroit) tickets in the mail so all of our tickets have arrived. Me and Pat also made it out to a Cubs game this past Saturday, couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was like 62 and sunny in Chicago. Also gotta love sneaking in a water bottle full of bacardi so that you don’t have to spend $6.25 per beer although the 2 beers at the bar before the game were $5 each and the 2-3 beers after the game were $5 each, so we definitely spent enough on beer. DSP almost made an appearance, but we didn’t quite get there… I was feeling pretty good though and had to go sleep it off for about 3 hours at Celeste’s condo before I drove home. Oh and for those that don’t know what/who DSP is, it’s “Downs Syndrome Pat” it’s what we call him when he gets really drunk. His eyes start to close up and his face gets all red. I’m sure I’ll have some DSP pictures from the trip so keep coming back. You can see a few pictures of Wrigley on the Flickr feed on the right side of this page, it updates anytime I take a picture with my iPhone.