Day 1 and 2 – Roadtrip2k8

So day 1, we left around 830 but pat forgot his passport at home so we
had to drive back to his place before we could leave which really
didn't matter because to drive into Canada we only needed id. To get
back in we showed our passports but I'm not sure if we even needed them.

So we made it to Detroit about 30 minutes before the game and found
parking right near the stadium. Detroit was/is not the greatest city
in the world. Lots of broken down buildings and stuff but I wasn't
expecting much. So it was really nice out when we left the car, 65
degrees and sunny so me and nick didn't bring long sleeves in, that
was a mistake. Turns out our tickets were at the very top of the
stadium in the shade and it was freezing. Nick actually bought a long
sleeve Detroit tigers t shirt cause he's a little bitch, I just dealt
with it.

After the game we tried to find a hotel in Detroit, but it was
impossible to find anything downtown so we just decided to head to
Windsor. So we made it into Canada no problem and found a decent chain
hotel right near downtown Windsor.

So in Windsor we went to eat at some bar named peppers and had a few
drinks. Apparently canadiens use real sugar instead of corn syrup in
their pop and it tastes a lot different, not so good, captain and coke
wasn't good. And the bars were filled with 18 year olds dancing on the
bars and in cages… Not complaining, but we were probably the oldest
ones there that weren't creepy old dudes just staring at underage
girls. So we went to the casino and played blackjack. I did well for a
while but ended up down $50. Nick won like 250 and pat won 140. So on
top of losing credit card roulette at dinner I was also the only one
to lose at the casino.

Credit card roulette is where you give the waitress all of our credit
cards and she puts them all behind her back. Then she pulls them out
one by one and puts them on the table. The last one to be pulled has
to pay for dinner, that was me.

Day 2, today. We got up around 10 am and got in the car and headed to
niagara falls, where we spent most of the day. We walked around the
whole canadiens side of the falls and took a ton of pictures and
video. The weather was fine when we got there, and only started
raining when we got back to the car. But that was fine because when
you take a boat into the actual falls themselves you get soaked! But
it was really cool. So then we ate at some place in niagara falls,
again playing credit card roulette and again me losing and paying for

We then crossed back into new York and are currently on our way to
Cooperstown. We're going to get a hotel room and call it a night since
we will get into Cooperstown around 11est. Tomorrow we are going to
the baseball hall of fame and then heading further east. We don't have
to be in Boston until Friday for the game there, so were going to try
to find somewhere in between to check out before we get into Boston on
like Wednesday.

So that's that, cell phone works again without international roaming
so I can keep things updated again.