Boston So Far… Roadtrip2k8

So we made it into Boston last night to a string of sold out hotels. Nothing had any rooms available at all. Buell’s friend Chris was helping us call places out here (since he lives in Boston) and finally found us a nice little place pretty close to everything. The only problem is that we could only get it for 2 nights, so we gotta find somewhere else to stay tomorrow night. Both Chris and Jon have offered to let us stay at their places, but we don’t want to impose so we’re going to try to find a place. As a last resort we’ll take them up on that, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

So we walked down near The Garden last night, which is where the Celtics play, and tried to see if we could scalp some tickets for the Celtics playoff game that was happening there last night… no luck. So we walked down the streets right near there and found a bar and got some food and some drinks. Then today we did the historic tour of Boston and basically walked the entire city. It’s a cool city, but there’s not a whole lot to see as far as tourist stuff goes. Tonight we’re going to head back into the city and find a place to eat/drink again, Chris and Jon might meet us out, so we’ll see. Tomorrow we have the Red Sox game at Fenway at 7:05PM, so we’re going to spend the entire day down near Fenway and then goto the game tomorrow night. Jon said they have a tour of Fenway that you can take for $10 that takes you onto the actual field and stuff, so we may try to do that.

So everything is going well, we booked a hotel in Manhattan for Saturday and Sunday night, not cheap, but what can you do. We’re glad that is taken care of though, no more shitty Howard Johnson in Queens with one king bed. So that’s that… probably update once we get back into New York so until then….