Back in New York – Roadtrip2k8

We had to stay in Boston another day, as the red sox game got rained
out on Friday and it was rescheduled for last night. So we didn't have
anything to do in Boston so we went to the movie theater paid to see
forgetting Sarah Marshall then walked into ironman, so 2 movies for
the price of 1, not bad. Once the movies were over it was closer to
gametime and we met jon and done at a bar near Fenway. We chilled for
few hours and then went to the game. It was a pretty close game.

We made it out of the game around midnight and drove jon back to his
car so we got on the road to new York around 1 am, and got in to
manhattan at 5 and went to sleep. Its about 130 here now and were
getting ready to head out for the day, not sure exactly what were
going to do though. The mets Yankees game isn't until 805 so well see
what we can find. Of course its supposed to rain here so hopefully
that doesn't happen.

Oh and for the amount of money you spend on a hotel room in times
square, they could at least put a door knob on the inside of the
bathroom, just a suggestion.