A Little Background – West Coast Roadtrip 2004

So since this is the first post, I’ll explain a little about what we’re attempting to do here. Our goal for this trip was to tour the east coast of the United States, while hitting as many baseball games we possibly could in 2 weeks. Most of you reading this know that me and a few other friends did the west coast a few years back and it was incredible. We started in Chicago, drove up to our friends lake house (who is now accompanying us to the east coast) just north of Madison, WI. We then proceeded to hit the Spam Museum in Minnesota and continue to drive as far west as we could in one day. 14 hours later we landed in Cheyenne Wyoming.

We rolled into Cheyenne at about 2AM, exhausted and just ready to lay down for a few hours before we started the drive to San Francisco. We had made no plans when we headed out on the road, except for the cities we wanted to stop in. This meant we had no hotel reservations anywhere when we started the trip, this proved to be a slight mistake when it came to Cheyenne, but was fine after that. Sturgis was going on in South/North Dakota at the same time, so all the bikers that were coming from the west decided Cheyenne would be a good place to take up sleep for the night, so basically that meant that every single ‘normal’ chain hotel was book solid, and probably smelled horrible. Since we refused to sleep in the car since we had a lot of driving to do the next day, we settled down at the ‘Motel’ motel. Yes this motel was so dilapidated that it couldn’t even come up with a catchy name, the sign just read MOTEL… awesome.

So I’m sure you’re already able to picture what the MOTEL looked like, and I bet most of your imaginations are correct. I compared it to the movie Deliverance meets Outbreak, I felt like cockroachers were raping me everytime I closed my eyes and that I was going to catch AIDS or even herpes just from sleeping on the floor. Yes, I had to sleep on the floor. The only room available was 1 queen sized bed, and with 3 dudes, that wasn’t about to happen…plus I felt much safer from disease on the floor than the bed, which only makes sense if you saw the room. And i didn’t sleep directly on the floor, i slept on the bedspread, with a shirt over the pillow. And the bathroom was a glorified outhouse painted puke green, I felt like I was in college again having to wear sandals into the shower.

So after the hotel experience in Cheyenne we decided it would be best to book a hotel that day for San Fran instead of risking sleeping in another rat infested shit hole where even the shower might have held a mystical disease scientists don’t even know about. So we drove up to the Holiday Inn that denied us entry the night before and used their free wi-fi from the parking lot to book our next hotel in San Fran, using priceline of course. So that was done and we set course to San Fran…. and 12 hours later and one cardboard license plate later we made it.

San Fran was cool as hell and best of all our hotel room was right in downtown, not expensive, and did not make me feel like I was going to die. We spent the entire next day/night there and checked out the Wharfs where the sealions just chillax all day. We didn’t head out to Alcatraz due to time constraints, which is probably the only thing I regret, but we were able to see it from the shore and it looked…cool I guess. We hit up a Ripley’s museum where I dropped off the kids and made sure to let the crew on duty know.

Then it was off to LA. We drove Route 1 all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles and it was probably the most memorable part of the trip for me, it also took a long ass time, but was well worth it. LA itself was alright, we stayed in the actual city and only had 1 full day there before we drove to San Diego and then to Vegas, so obviously we couldn’t see everything.

So after LA we drove down to San Diego to check it out, but we were very anxious to get to Vegas so we pretty much ate lunch at McDonalds in San Diego, saw a pirate ship and got an oil change, and let’s not forget getting lost about 4 times and ending up back at the Zoo every time. We had to ask a cab driver to lead us back to the correct highway, thanks cab driver lady. So off to Vegas, where we did a lot of gambling and I don’t think anyone lost a large amount of money, I left Vegas even with what I came with so i was happy. Oh and a tip to anyone going to Vegas, $20 goes a long way when checking into a hotel. Iman slipped the dude a 20 and got us upgraded from the normal $99/night room to a mini-suite that normally costs $399/night and we still only paid $99, amazing. After Vegas we weren’t really looking forward to anything else so instead of stopping for a night in Denver we just drove straight back to Chicago, 28 hours straight. You can get pretty loopy from drinking Red Bull all night, wow. Oh and this was the only point when I seriously thought we were going to die on the trip. Driving through the rocky mountains at midnight, barely any street lights or cars on the road, Iman is driving…..while text messaging! Come on dude… seriously, I thought I was going to die…

So that trip was incredible which has obviously spawned the East Coast Roadtrip, 4 years later. This time I’m going with 2 different people than accompanied me to the west coast and it’s more baseball oriented this time. More information coming in my next post.