Roadtrip 2010 – White Water Rafting – Planning

It’s been a tradition since 2004 when we drove from Chicago to San Francisco to LA to San Diego to Vegas and then back to Chicago. It continued in 2008 when we hit almost every baseball stadium on the East coast when we went from Chicago to Detroit, with a stop over in Windsor Canada, to Niagara Falls to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame to New York (Mets Game at Shea Stadium) to Boston (Fenway) back to New York to see the Mets Play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak to Washington DC (Nationals) to Pittsburgh (Pirates) to Cincinnati for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then back to Chicago. So this year we’ve decided to be a little more adventurous and do some white water rafting.

We are still in the early planning stages at this point so we haven’t really decided where to go. The consensus is that we should drive out to Colorado and go all out, but depending on who is available to go and what people’s schedules are like we may just end up going up to Wisconsin and hitting up some class III & IV rapids on the Wolf River, which I’ve done before. While it’s not the most dangerous river in the world I do remember having a great time and it’s close so we could just do a weekend if people can’t take off of work. So that’s the idea at the moment, like I said we’re still in the early planning stages, but hopefully we can figure it all out as we’re planning to go in June sometime so it doesn’t interfere with our other annual Wisconsin trip in August.

So has anyone done any of the rafting trips out in Colorado? Any recommendations?