Life Is About To Change – Welcome Home Peter Parker the Puppy

peter parker the puppy

Beginning tomorrow (March 16th) our family will grow by 4 legs. Peter Parker the puppy will finally come home. “Parker”, as he will be known, is a 9 week old Apricot colored Cockapoo puppy. He comes to us from Homestead Cockapoos, a breeder that was recommended to us by friends.

Now I know what you’re saying, “why would you buy a dog when you could have adopted a dog from a shelter”. Had circumstances been different we probably would have adopted a dog, but with all of the restrictions in our condo building and allergies, we were limited to certain breeds and sizes, so this was the easiest way. On the bright side, we did not buy the puppy from a puppy mill or a pet shop. He comes to us from a reputable breeder who treats the dogs very well and only does it as a way to stay busy during retirement.

I always had dogs in our house growing up, but my wife did not. So while I kind of know what we’re getting ourselves into, my wife doesn’t really know what to expect. Kody, our golden retriever, was the greatest dog a kid could have, but it took patience and training, which is going to be my department when it comes to Parker.

I know this is more of an entertainment site these days, it’s still my site and it’s really just a place for me to write about whatever, so if I chose to write about the puppy, it’s going to go here. Hopefully I can teach him some cool tricks, but if not, at least you’ll get a first hand experience of what it’s like to raise a 9-week old puppy in a condo building with a woman who’s never had a dog in her life, ha!