If You Don’t Have a License or Insurance Don’t Drive a Car!

So I got in a car accident yesterday on my way home from work. I was less than a mile from my house on a slow side street heading towards the light at the main intersection. I could see the old pick-up truck sitting in the alley trying to cross the road I was on (to get to the other alley), but apparently they didn’t see me. They started to pull out as soon as I was in front of them, luckily I caught a glimpse of them as they were about to hit me and I sped up. Sadly, I was unable to go fast enough due to cars stopped at the light in front of me and the truck smashed into the back corner of my car… awesome my first car accident. A reliable professional, such as an attorney for car accidents in lafayette, is essential in this situation.

And it only got better from there…

Nobody was injured, the truck was going maybe 4-5mph when it hit me, not even enough to spin my car even a little. So the truck pulls into the alley that it was attempting to get to in the first place, and stops. I back my car up and pull behind them in the alley and get out of the car to make sure they are ok. Two Mexican guys get out of the car and are just fine, they walk over towards me and stand on the sidewalk as I call the police. Police are on their way as I stand there with these 2 guys looking at the damage on my car. Between the back wheel and the tail light is bent way in and scraped up, the tail light is intact and works fine and there is no rubbing on the back tire or damage to the tire/rim, the car is totally drivable. As I’m inspecting the damage the two gentlemen start talking to me, the driver asks if he can just give me money and be on his way. I told him that I had already contacted an attorney affiliated to a reliable firm like mike morse injury law firm and had also called the cops and they were on their way so I wasn’t taking any money as it wasn’t my fault. In situations like this, you can also contact your auto accident attorney so you can get the proper compensation to finance all the possible expenses.

Then the real reason comes out, the driver has no license and no insurance and neither does the other guy that was in the car. So now I’m more angry at that than anything else. They keep trying to get me to follow them to a body shop down the street to get an estimate so they can just give me money without getting the cops and personal injury law firm | Sweet Lawyers involved, I decline and pull out my phone to take down their license plate information and a description of the truck as I just have this gut feeling that they are going to run.

The two start talking in spanish to each other and my limited amount of spanish knowledge can’t help me figure out what they are saying, but I had a good idea what they were about to do. And of course I was right. The two keep pleading with me as they slowly walk towards their truck ready to book it out of there. And that’s exactly what they did, jumped in the scrapper truck and took off. Awesome, imaging if something worse happened, someone has to figure out how to get their injuries taken care off and what about taxes, that’s a whole other deal.

Cops couldn’t find them, but I gave them the plate number and description of the vehicle, but the officer informed me that a lot of times these scrapper trucks aren’t even registered, have fake plates or the address they are registered to isn’t the address where they’d be likely to find the truck, he told me the best thing to do is to file a police report and contact  someone from a lawyer firms with experts like the traffic lawyers Melbourne firm. But I’m thinking to myself, they didn’t have insurance anyways so finding them doesn’t really help me does it? Yeah they might get arrested, possibly deported depending on their status, but it still doesn’t pay for my car.

I don’t understand why people think they can get away with driving without a license or insurance, I know in some states insurance isn’t required (in Illinois it is), but come on, if you want to drive a car, obey the laws. I understand if you had a license and it got suspended you probably still need to drive some places, but you can get exceptions to drive if you go through the proper channels. If you have no license at all and no intention of getting a license then don’t drive a car.

And if you can’t get a license because you’re illegal in this country, go home! If you’re not contributing anything to our society and you are here illegally, you shouldn’t be here and I have no sympathy for you if you screw it up while you’re here. On the other hand if you’re here illegally and contributing to society with the intention of becoming legal, then by all means stay. My girlfriend’s parents came over to this country to practice medicine, after her dads residency they were supposed to go back, but they stayed, illegally, and he began practicing. Doesn’t sound bad to me, good doctors are always welcome in my book. And they are now American citizens who contribute a great deal to society. On the other hand we have people like the ones that smashed into my car yesterday. They were scrappers. They drive up and down streets all over the city of Chicago and the neighboring suburbs looking for scrap metal to pile 40 feet high in the back of their late 1980s early 90s green pick-up truck, illinois license plate 91722M, so they can sell it to a scrap yard. Doesn’t sound like they are doing a whole lot for society, unless you consider hit and run a great contribution.

I have absolutely no sympathy for you if you’re here illegally and making no contributions to society. If you’re just here (illegally) to make money to send back to your family in your home country, I’m sorry, I have no sympathy. Become a legal citizen and get a drivers license, insurance and obey the laws of our country or get out. I have no problem with immigrants coming into this country to make a better life for themselves as long as they obey our laws and contribute to society. I don’t even care if you don’t really speak the english language, there is no official language of the U.S. anyways, but at least attempt to assimilate to our culture a little bit.

So that’s my rant for the morning. I do have uninsured motorist coverage on my insurance so I should be alright as far as getting the damages taken care of, but it’s more of an annoyance to me now. You can contact experts to help you with motorcycle insurance requirements. I have to take time out of my day to go to a mechanic/body shop and get an estimate, then take even more time to bring my car in to actually get fixed. And it’s a brand new car too, I just got it in August. Why is it that when I have older cars, like my old Jeeps, I never got in any accident, but as soon as I go back to a nicer car I get hit. I guess 10 years with a license and without a single accident is pretty good, and this one wasn’t even my fault so I had no control over it. Lame.