Will You Be Buying An iPad Tomorrow?

I will not be buying an iPad tomorrow, but I’m curious to know if any of you will be and why. Personally I’m a big fan of the iPhone, I can’t see myself going back to any other phone. I’ll continue to upgrade mine every 2 years and support Apple (and AT&T for the moment) because I don’t think there are any phones out there that really compare. Sure the Palm Pre or whatever the best Android phone is, are making advances towards Apple, but I still feel that those phones lack a decent touch screen and the responsiveness that the iPhone has, not to mention the apps in the app store. But with the iPad, I just don’t see anything that revolutionary, yet.

Essentially the iPad is just a big iPod Touch with more expensive apps and an ugly bezel. It still can’t run apps in the background, it doesn’t have a camera, it can’t run apps outside of Apple’s approved App Store apps (unless Geohot is able to hack it) and it’s too big to carry around in your pocket (unless you have some old school JNCO jeans). I do think that the price point is pretty good though, but I’m not willing to pay another $20-30 a month(can’t remember exactly what the cost is) for unlimited 3G internet from AT&T, not to mention a higher price for the actual 3G capable unit.

Now I’m not saying that I’ll never get one, because I probably will, but I will not be getting this 1st Gen version. I see no reason why there is not a camera in it, so I’m assuming the next version will have one and there have been rumors of some patents being filed that make that thick black bezel touch sensitive, which would make playing games on the thing much better. Have you ever tried to play a first person shooter on the iPhone/iPod Touch? Your fingers block half the screen so it’s nearly impossible. I will say that I am very jealous that the iPad gets the Netflix app when the iPod Touch and iPhone don’t, but hopefully it’s just a timed iPad exclusive thing and Netflix will release one for the other devices. I see no reason why they couldn’t (although it’ll probably be Wifi only knowing AT&T).

So again, are you guys going to be running out to get an iPad tomorrow or are you like me where you think it has potential, but in it’s current state it leaves much to be desired? I’m sure Apple will sell a ton of these things, but at this point I’d still just leave my laptop open on the table next to me…