What Will Apple Announce Today?

apple iphone 5

Apple has their big iPhone event today so I thought I’d take a second to run through what I think is going to be announced. There have been lots of rumors and speculation leading up to todays event and I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are going to see a new iPhone, but are we going to see the iPhone 5?

Most people think the natural progression of the iPhone would set us at the iPhone 5 today, but there’s a lot of information out there that suggests maybe we’ll only see an iPhone 4S. A friend and I debated over the weekend on whether or not we thought Apple would really announce 2 phones today, the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. He doesn’t think it’s a very Apple-like thing to do, but I saw it a different way. One of the big things that is rumored to be announced today is Apple’s voice recognition assistant software-thing. There are claims that this assistant software is going to change the way we use our mobile phone forever, personally I don’t see the need for a personal assistant that I need to talk to, but that’s just me. The only problem with the assistant feature is that it will not run on any of the current models of the iPhone, including the iPhone 4. My guess is that we’re absolutely going to see the iPhone 4S and it will have all the necessary hardware to run the assistant software and will look just like the iPhone 4. The hardware will probably be running the A5 chip as well as the rumored 8 megapixel camera and maybe some more RAM, but that’s it. It will also start the process of phasing out the iPhone 4, which will drop it’s price down to like $50. I think the iPhone 4S will start at around $100 and, as some reports are saying, go up to $300 if you want 64gb of space. It will also have the chip in it that allows the phone to work on any carrier regardless of the infrastructure.

I, however, do think that they will also announce the iPhone 5 that will be a totally new design and incorporate a few other features like NFC (near field communication) and maybe something else that Apple has kept secret. I also think the new phones will be coming to Sprint when they launch on October 14th.

Other than the iPhone itself, I think the rumors regarding rental apps are true and those will be announced today, as well as the discontinuation of the iPod Classic. And on a long shot, I’m hoping that iOS5 Gold Master is released today so I can throw that on my phone, but I don’t think that will happen for another week or so.

So those are my predictions for todays event. I won’t be live blogging the event because a million other sites out there have better access to the actual event than I do, but I will be posting all the good information on Twitter @acslaterx so make sure you’re following us if you want to stay up to the minute with all of the announced information.

Update: It seems like all signs point to an iPhone 4S and no iPhone 5. The teardrop shaped cases that have been popping up on the net were apparently for some prototypes. So I’m going to change my theory and say that we’ll only see the iPhone 4S today and people are going to be disappointed.